Trump Caught Sneaking On To Golf Course While America Burns


President Donald Trump does not seem to maintain any sense of responsibility towards the American people. This Sunday, with not long at all until the general election, and as Americans continued to struggle through crises that he has helped exacerbate, Trump went off to the golf course. He visited his own company’s course in Virginia — outside of the comparatively brief period earlier this year when restrictions were in place amidst the original height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s endless vacationing has been a pretty consistent feature of his presidency at this point. According to the tally from a website called Trump Golf Count, prior to this weekend’s outing, Trump had visited one of his courses at least 275 times.

As MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin observed on Sunday:

‘More than 180,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus and, according to the pool report, the president has just arrived at his own golf club in Virginia.’

According to reporters who were on the scene, Trump’s motorcade was confronted by protesters when he arrived on the premises of the golf course. One of the protesters was dressed as the Grim Reaper and holding a sign that read “183 K,” in reference to the roughly 183,000 Americans who have died due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Alongside the protest group, there was a row of fake tombstones, and one of the demonstrators held a sign reading “No, Donald, This Is What It Is.” Infamously, Trump recently dismissed the mounting Coronavirus death toll by telling Axios reporter Jonathan Swan that “it is what it is.”

A photo emerged of the Grim Reaper protester — check it out below. A demonstrator in similar attire and with a similar sign, with the number adjusted to match the latest news, has appeared outside the president’s golf club in the past.

A photo also emerged of Trump out on the golf course. Check that out below:

Trump, incredibly, has previously tried to characterize Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as “weak.” Biden isn’t the one consistently running off to the golf course. These golf trips, it’s worth noting, cost taxpayers huge sums of money — Trump Golf Count estimates that the cost to taxpayers of Trump’s golf trips has been about $141 million.