New Investigation Into Trump Financial Crimes Revealed


People wonder why First Lady Melania Trump is with Donald Trump. Aside from the big billion-dollar reason, there are others. Her father and the Donald have more than a passing likeness. Then, there are his ties to a Communist organization and listing on the Yugaslavia secret police’s record.

In an exclusive ABC News interview with Linsey David, Melania’s former friend and book author Stephanie Winson Wolkoff said the whole family was tainted by “deceit” and “deception.” Now she has begun “working with investigators” about possible financial crimes around Trump’s inauguration:

‘It was amateur hour then, and it’s amateur hour now, and I think it’s really frightening for our country. Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady. Everyone does need to know what … this presidency is doing and what this propaganda machine behind this man at the White House is doing.’

In her book, Winston Wolkoff wrote that Melania once described Ivanka Trump and family members working in the White House as a bunch of “snakes.”

‘I’m not going to comment on whether there’s audio or not. I can back up everything that’s in the book 100% … and Donald and Melania know that.’

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s chief of staff and spokesperson, called Winston Wolkoff’s book a collection of “mistruths” and “revenge” tactics:

‘Anybody who secretly tapes their self-described best friend is, by definition, dishonest.’

Referring to the US Southern District of New York (SDNY) Attorney’s Office and local New Jersey and Washinton DC attorneys, she said:

‘I’m working with three different prosecutors, and it’s taken over my life.’

Trump’s inaugural committee released a statement:

‘[It] disagrees with [her] description of this historic even [and] will decline to engage in her effort to sell books.’

A White House spokesman accused her:

‘[Of trying to] profit off lies and mischaracterizations meant to harm the First Family.’

 The inaugural committee is a private nonprofit entity (tax-exempt) for donations. The committee spent $104 million, it said, double what President Barack Obama spent and he had far better entertainment.

Trump’s committee donated the remaining $3 million to charity, it reported.

Winston Wolkoff had no idea that the committee paid her event-planning company over $26 million. The New York Times released an article detailing that. The suggestion was she kept most of that money herself.

In her new book, she wrote she was dubbed “the cover girl for the inauguration shenanigans.” She worked three months 24/seven on the presidential inauguration for $480,000.

Winston Wolkoff wrote claiming that Melania Trump was deeply involved in inauguration planning:

‘Melania knew it all, every detail, including who was screwing around [and] the type of salmon served at the Candlelight Dinner.’

Winston Wolkoff told ABC she “begged” the first lady to denounce the lie that she took in all those millions:

‘[But] when the time came for her to come and speak the truth about a friend who left everything behind to help her, she turned her back on me … stabbed me in the back.’

Melania’s spokesperson pushed back, saying Winston Wolkoff’s book was “clearly based on some imagined need for revenge.”

According to Winston Wolkoff, she started to realize there could be a problem with the committee’s expenditures “

‘When I saw that a tree you could buy for $10 was $1,000, or a stage that would cost $100,000 was $1 million.’

DC Attorney General Karl Racine filed a lawsuit against the inaugural committee then released a statement. It alleged that the committee spent $1 million at the Trump International Hotel.

Attorney General Karl Racine said it looked as if Winston Wolkoff had “raised concerns” with Trump and First Daughter Ivanka Trump,” but they ignored her  The Department of Justice (DOJ) subpoenaed the committee’s records.

Winston Wolkoff indicated that the $107 million was gone:

‘That’s the question that everyone should be asking.’

Winston Wolkoff said:

‘We shared a lot over 15 years. Melania Knauss’–

In her interview with ABC News, she described the Trump White House as a place riven with “palace intrigue” and “filled with friction, suspicion, deceit, deception.”

Melania grew up behind the Iron Curtain. Her father Viktor Knavs had a record with the former Yugoslavia’s secret police, according to The Daily Beast. The secret police of Communist Yugoslavia (now Slovenia) indicated a person with her father’s name, address, and birthday was registered as having a “criminal record” but not what sort. His Slovenian attorneys said:

‘[He was] never convicted, charged, or even investigated for tax evasion, but they reportedly acknowledge he was investigated for smuggling.’

How did Knavas get his record cleaned? After a US photographer and his assistant drove by Melania’s family home, a Mercedes S-class sedan closed in on them at high speed:

‘Knavs stopped his car in front of us, blocking the way [Urska recalls, and she though, judging by the rage on his face, he] was going to become physical with us. I was shocked, thinking, ‘What idiot would act like this?’”

Knavs is a big man, only two years older than Trump. He could not exit his car fast enough. The photographer left, but Melania’s father chased them down:

‘It was like a cinematic car chase by the dangerous father-in-law of American President Donald Trump.’

The event planner told ABC she felt “betrayed” by Melania, but always appreciated her “strength” and “doesn’t-matter-what-anybody-else-thinks” attitude:”

‘Her confidence exudes every day [and she] gives you that confidence.’

Oddly, Melania did not seem to care about Trump’s affairs. After the Access Hollywood, Winston Wolkoff said:

‘She was radiant, she was smiling. It was as if nothing happened. I said to her, “How many times have you heard the words ‘p—-‘ and ‘president’ in the same sentence?’

They broke out laughing.

DC AG Racine sued the Presidential Inaugural Committee for abusing nonprofit fund, according to Good Morning America.

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