Heroic Military Vets Announce Anti-Trump Resistance Group


The brilliant Republicans’ and former Republicans’ strategy in The Lincoln Project has not let up in its fast-paced ad campaign to take down Donald Trump. A surprising number of top GOP members have joined, including a powerful group of veterans. Draft avoider Trump should be afraid, very afraid.

The Lincoln Project had hardly announced its Women’s Coalition when it rolled out the Veteran and Military Community Coalition. The message was, according to Fox News:

‘Donald Trump has proven to be an unfit Commander-in-Chief in every aspect of that most solemn duty. This will be compared against Joe Biden who had a son serve in Iraq and understands the military community in a unique way as one of our own.’

The project decided to share its announcement with Fox News first:

‘Trump constantly claims success and support for the military and veteran communities among his top accomplishments but his actual record is one of failure and lies.’

These 20-plus veterans ranged from retired general officers to Blue and Gold Star family members. It also included veterans returning from war with “disabilities, their advocates, and other veterans.”

Co-founder Rick Wilson indicated that the project has attacked the airwaves with rapid-fire frequency as it has gone after the president and even Republican senators up for office in November. The group has invested over $11 million to date running its powerful TV and digital ads: Wilson said:

‘Veterans of every rank and every branch of service have joined the Lincoln Project to ensure we elect new leadership to serve in the White House.’

Senior Advisor for Veterans Affairs at The Lincoln Project, Frederick Wellman entered the group wielding efficiency not unlike the strategy to enter a hot war. He said:

‘[O]ur mobilization effort is about asking veterans and military community members to once again step up at a difficult time for our nation and volunteer in their local community. We want them to volunteer as poll workers as the COVID pandemic has severely impacted the ability of local governments to man their election sites.’

CNN analyst retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling left the military after reaching the pinnacle of Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army.

Founders and members of The Lincoln Project include

  • Republican strategist for President George W. Bush Steve Schmidt, the late Senator John McCain, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • GOP strategist for President George H.W. Bush, McCain, and former Ohio Governor John Kasich, media consultant, and author of Everything Trump Touches Dies Rick Wilson
  • Former New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn.

Trump is truly weak. He gained his power by using the megaphone of his tweets. Former Seal Dr. Dan Barkhuff said that Trump “isn’t a conservative:”

Former U.S Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff knows @realDonaldTrump isn’t a conservative — he’s weak. And he’s the most easily fixable problem in America today.’

Twitter world caught fire. It saw veterans standing up against Trump. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

Screen-Shot-2020-09-01-at-9.24.46-AM Heroic Military Vets Announce Anti-Trump Resistance Group Election 2020 Featured Military Politics Top Stories Screen-Shot-2020-09-01-at-9.25.18-AM Heroic Military Vets Announce Anti-Trump Resistance Group Election 2020 Featured Military Politics Top Stories

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.

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