Trump Stops On Tarmac & Has Angry Afternoon Hissy-Fit


There’s a new conspiracy theory in town and, of course, the president is its biggest promoter. Before leaving for Kenosha, Wisconsin, a town with plenty of its own tragedy to deal with and who have asked Trump not to come, Trump stirred up more of the same fearmongering rhetoric that led to this explosively divisive time in history.

Trump spoke on the tarmac before boarding Air Force One and doubled down on his theories that dark shadow people are controlling the riots and Joe Biden along with it. Trump first presented this theory to Fox News Laura Ingraham on Monday night, where he told Ingraham that men are filling up the subways, dark men whose “money is coming from some very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won’t, they will be thrown to the wolves like you’ve never seen before.” Ingraham tried to press him for details, but he remained elusive.

‘People you’ve never heard of. People that are in the dark shadows…We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend, and in the plane it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that. They’re on a plane…I’ll tell you some time but it’s under investigation right now,” Trump said. “But they came from a certain city, and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention and there were like, seven people on the plane like this person, and then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage. They were coming.’

Trump didn’t start this conspiracy theory himself. Instead, he took it from a Facebook conspiracy theorists who reported that this all happened back in June. There has been no confirmation that any of it is true, but it works well for Trump’s attempts to scare people into voting for him to avoid being invaded by public housing residents and anarchists.

NBC News reports that:

‘The claim about the flight matches a viral Facebook post from June 1 that falsely claimed, “At least a dozen males got off the plane in Boise from Seattle, dressed head to toe in black.” The post, by an Emmett, Idaho, man, warned residents to “Be ready for attacks downtown and residential areas,” and claimed one passenger had “a tattoo that said Antifa America on his arm.”

‘That post was shared over 3,000 times on Facebook, and other pages from Idaho quickly added their own spin to it, like the Idaho branch of the far-right militia group 3 Percenters.’

Trump’s dark rhetoric should be falling on deaf ears at this point, considering that all his earlier warnings about Obama, the Clintons, and everyone else have proven untrue. Trump should be focused on the COVID-19 crisis, the rising unemployment rate, the civil unrest, and coming up with a last-minute campaign platform. Instead, he’s busy spreading more conspiracy theories, which only the looniest of his base will buy.


Featured image screenshot via Twitter video