Presidential Debate Moderator Announced & Trump Will Hate It


The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the moderators for the three upcoming presidential debates (and the one upcoming vice presidential debate), and the list includes none other than Chris Wallace of Fox News as the moderator for the first face-off between the presidential candidates. Trump has frequently complained about Wallace — just recently, for instance, he complained on Twitter that ‘Chris Wallace “forgot” to ask… Senator Chrisie Coons, why Biden fought me when I put an extremely early BAN on people coming into our Country from heavily infected China.’ It’s worth noting: Biden did not fight against the travel restrictions, and that’s all they were: restrictions, not a “ban.”

Besides Wallace, the moderators for the upcoming presidential debates include C-SPAN’s Steve Scully and NBC News’ Kristen Welker, who will be handling the second and third debates, respectively. Susan Page, of USA Today, will be handling the debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, which is scheduled for October 7 — a little more than a month away.

The Trump campaign issued a combative statement after the debate moderators were announced. Spokesman Tim Murtaugh said:

‘These are not the moderators we would have recommended if the campaign had been allowed to have any input. Some can be identified as clear opponents of President Trump, meaning Joe Biden will actually have a teammate on stage most of the time to help him excuse the radical, leftist agenda he is carrying. One thing is sure: Chris Wallace’s selection ensures that Biden will finally see him face-to-face after dodging his interview requests. That is, if Biden actually shows up.’

There is no reason to believe that Biden might not show up to any of the debates — he’s made clear that he’s ready to face-off with Trump. Basically, the Trump campaign simply appears to be sticking to pointlessly grandiose fearmongering as the general election gets ever-closer, with Trump still behind Biden by an average of over 7 percent as of Wednesday afternoon, according to FiveThirtyEight. That site’s Nate Silver says there is a 99 percent chance of Biden winning the electoral college if he wins the national popular vote by a margin of 7 to 8 percent.