Trump Boat Parade Goes Awry After Multiple Boats Start Sinking


At a pro-Trump boat parade that got underway early Saturday on Lake Travis, which is in central Texas, “multiple boats” were reported by local media to suffer serious problems. CBS Austin said that “911 calls have been made regarding boats being in distress” including “some” that were sinking, and according to the report, the calls came from spots all along the parade route, including locations called Paradise Cove, Emerald Point, and West Beach. As of mid-Saturday afternoon, no injuries had been reported amidst the “distress.” Eventually, local authorities clarified that at least four boats had sunk.

As CBS Austin put it on Saturday afternoon:

‘[The Travis County Sheriff’s Office] confirmed with CBS Austin that multiple boats have been sinking and are in distress. The sheriff’s office says calls have been made about boats along the entire route of the parade, some of the locations include: Paradise Cove, Emerald Point and West Beach. At this time, there is not a confirmed amount of boats that are experiencing issues on the lake.’

The trend of pro-Trump boat parades has been developing thanks in part to a Florida resident named Carlos Gavidia, who was recently reported to be facing a criminal charge over seemingly threatening to harm a fellow resident in his now-former Florida community. Gavidia has gained a good deal of prominence amidst his pro-Trump activism and even recently attended President Trump’s Republican presidential nomination acceptance speech at the White House. He claimed that the scrutiny that he was facing for his threatening behavior was unfair.

Referring to his original decision to deck out his boat with pro-Trump paraphernalia, Gavidia complained:

‘Sometimes I regret even wrapping the boat and starting this nationwide movement because I got a target on my back. Everybody wants to make Trump look bad. Unfortunately, I took a stand and I even took a bigger stand when I got ridiculed.’

Gavidia is not merely the victim of a conspiracy to make him look bad. As The Palm Beach Post reported this week, “a Jupiter police report released Tuesday portrays Gavidia as an aggressor who used anti-Semitic and sexist pejorative words in a confrontation with a resident at Admirals Cove and then later threatened his life through a text message.” Is he another one of those “very fine people” who the president talked about?