Speaker Pelosi Hands Don Trump Jr. His Attitude On A Plate


There are many parts to play in a royal family as we learned from the book and television series The Game of Thrones. Donald Trump has done a rather revolting job of taking on three or four of those roles. Even though he promised to drain the swamp, it appears he led more creatures into it. But this “king” often comes across as the drunk King Robert from the series. And yes, everyone knows, Trump does not drink. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) handled him as only the youngest child with six older brothers and five children of her own could.

The TV series character High Sparrow might be one of the president’s characters. He “tried pulling a huge awesome gambit, but ultimately he was not prepared for the Game as well as he thought, according to The Wrap.” Then, there was Tywin Lannister, who “was killed by his hated dwarf son. Exactly what he deserved, though I had secretly hoped he would at some point just be nice to his kids.” In Trump’s case, his kids must know he would throw them under the bus to save himself.

Then, there is Donald Trump Jr. (Don). He might have been the Gendry character as described by Chekhov’s Gunman. Gendry was the one who “put a leech on his penis one time.” But then, it becomes clear which character was truly his, Ser Dontis the Red on YouTube. Don Jr. appears to be as ill-suited to fight Pelosi as Ser Dontis the Red was in his battles.

Trump the younger went after the Speaker for going to a beauty salon on his Facebook page. The Republican-owned business assured the Speaker it was safe for just a wash and a blowout. The salon was not open, but the owner lied to Pelosi and taped her on the premises. The stylist later admitted that the owner forced to work. It was all a setup.

That was when Junior attacked her as being stupid — big mistake:

Screen-Shot-2020-09-07-at-3.37.26-PM Speaker Pelosi Hands Don Trump Jr. His Attitude On A Plate Election 2020 Featured National Security Politics Top Stories

A writer for publications as varied as The Atlantic and The Rolling Stone, Thor Benson shot back about Trump Sr. thinking hurricanes could be nuked with bombs:

‘Your dad wanted to nuke a hurricane pic.twitter.com/XXkIb2LTB7

— Thor Benson (@thor_benson)’

Screen-Shot-2020-09-07-at-3.37.07-PM Speaker Pelosi Hands Don Trump Jr. His Attitude On A Plate Election 2020 Featured National Security Politics Top Stories

Pelosi said earlier in the week that she had been set up, as she told CBS News. She added:

“Many of them [salon workers] are annoyed at the setup that was there for a purpose that has nothing to do with ending the crisis. There’s more to this that I’m not going into. It was clearly a setup.’

So, how did she respond to Don Jr? With silence, because it appears the Speaker was too busy trying to save tens of millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of people from their basic need of food security.

The president gave his kids three choices in life, although the command may not have been verbalized:

  1. Be just like him — Ivanka
  2. Be subservient to him — Don Jr.
  3. Be damaged — Erik, at least according to all the information available from Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Trump Sr.’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen said in an interview with The GQ magazine that he thought Trump’s eldest son was too dumb to be trusted.

The younger Trump really did not have a good role model. After all, Dad tried to buy Greenland. Then, he said he wanted to sell Puerto Rico so he could buy Greenland.

Earlier, the father told BBC:

‘So when we have a lot of cases, I don’t look at that as a bad thing. I look at that as, in a certain respect, as being a good thing because it means our testing is much better.’

Of course, who could forget that POTUS told the nation that injecting themselves with disinfectant to fight the coronavirus pandemic might work, as YouTube showed? People believed him.

Some of Trump’s suggestions are not so innocent. He said he would not mind dating Ivanka, which struck a chilling chord among a serious slice of American women as shown on YouTube. Once, he even suggested that his followers could knock off Hillary Clinton The Guardian reported.

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