Trump Has Bob Woodward Freakout During Live Fox News Appearance


Whenever Trump is in a mess he can’t lie his way out of, his fallback position is to appear on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show and allow him to guide Trump toward the proper spin. After a Twitter eruption where, on the day that tapes were released of him admitting that he “downplayed” the coronavirus, Trump had no words on the subject or on journalist Bob Woodward, who released the tapes.

For that, he needed the help of Sean Hannity.

Hannity gave him an introduction to lead Trump to his talking points. He scorned the “mainstream media” for telling lies and creating hoaxes just 55 days before the election, implying that reports that Trump has disparaged the military and failed to inform the public about the threat of COVID-19. He insisted that those coronavirus statements reported, in particular, are all false, pointing to Trump’s travel ban on China. He ignores the fact that Trump allowed 140,000 people to travel to the U.S. from China after implementing the ban, that the first cases of the virus came to the U.S. from Europe, and that Trump’s response is clearly a failure since nearly 200,000 people are dead.

However, the introduction was nothing more than a starting point for Trump to twist words and deflect.

Both Hannity and Trump focused on Trump’s “response” to the virus, listing accomplishments and praise from other officials. Neither addressed the many statements Trump made publicly downplaying the virus and how those statements did not match what the president wasn’t telling the American people.

Trump also repeated claims that he didn’t want Americans to “panic,” which is why he downplayed the virus. There is, however, a big difference between keeping the public calm and outright lying to them. The quotes in Woodward’s article, all caught on tape, prove that Trump lied to the public about COVID-19 repeatedly.