Pence Attempts Pathetic Defense Of Woodward Tapes But Flops Hard


Vice President Mike Pence would apparently like Americans to believe that the Trump administration did an outstanding job responding to the Coronavirus. In reality, nearly 200,000 Americans have died. During a Thursday appearance on Fox, Pence desperately tried to compensate for the grim reality of the situation with increasingly unhinged kookiness. He claimed, for instance, that a tape from journalist Bob Woodward on which Trump can be heard admitting to intentionally downplaying the Coronavirus somehow really reveals just how “seriously” that the president took the situation. What? Has up turned into down now, too? Do words mean anything to these people?

Pence claimed, for starters, that “the progress that we have made has literally saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives.” So, are Americans supposed to feel reassured by Pence pointing out that, well at least not even more of the country has died? Besides, it’s not as though there’s much evidence — to put it lightly — that the Trump administration’s hesitation has helped Americans.

Pence continued:

‘All along the way what the American people saw was a president who was projecting the kind of leadership, the kind of confidence in the American people… that you would just expect from a president in a challenging time like this… The truth is, we were learning all along the way… when I stepped into the White House Coronavirus task force leadership at the end of February, again, we only had 15 cases of Coronavirus domestic in the United States… What the president was communicating, I believe what you hear in that February tape was the seriousness with which he took this from day one.’

Watch his comments below:

Again — what? Does Pence live in an alternate universe? Does he know what words mean? On the tape that Woodward released this week, Trump admits to intentionally downplaying the virus. This week, Trump defended his remarks by saying he didn’t want Americans to think there was a “terrible problem.” There was a terrible problem! That’s the whole point! The self-deluded fantasy world of Trumpism does not reflect reality. The Coronavirus — and the abject failures of the Trump administration’s response to it — can’t just be wished out of existence because Pence said his lies enough times.