Donald Trump & GOP Devastated By Weekend Poll Release


According to a new ABC News/ Ipsos poll, an uncontestable majority of Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the poll results, a total of 65 percent of respondents overall said that they disapproved of Trump’s Coronavirus response, while just 35 percent — barely one-in-three — said that they approved of the president’s handling of this particular crisis. The heavy disapproval was found among Democrats and independents — only 5 percent of Democrats said that they approved of Trump’s Coronavirus response, and just 31 percent of independents said that they approved.

It’s worth noting — Trump didn’t even get the entirety of the Republican Party’s support. In the poll, 80 percent of Republican respondents said that they approved of Trump’s Coronavirus response. While that number is, of course, rather high, it is definitely not as high as it could be. The high disapproval rates for the president’s Coronavirus response are unsurprising — almost 200,000 Americans have died from the pandemic as of early Sunday. That’s almost 200,000 sets of grieving loved ones, and almost 200,000 groups of friends and family who have suffered their own losses while seeing Trump belligerently congratulate himself for a supposed job well done in responding to the virus.

Funnily enough, Trump claimed just recently that he was getting supposed “high marks” for his handling of the virus. It’s unclear where those dubiously supposed high marks are coming from, but they’re definitely not coming from most American people. Last week, Trump tweeted the following:

‘Starting to get VERY high marks in our handling of the Coronavirus (China Virus), especially when compared to other countries and areas of the world. Now the Vaccines (Plus) are coming, and fast!’

This claim is, quite simply, apparent nonsense.

The U.S. has suffered a higher rate of confirmed cases per one million inhabitants than countries across the face of the globe, from Spain to Italy to the United Kingdom, all of which have experienced steep outbreaks. On Friday, when the U.S. reported about 1,000 new Coronavirus deaths, Canada reported zero — just zero. In other words, Trump is making up nonsense when he claims that “especially compared to other countries,” he’s doing great. That claim is delusional.