Trump Administration Suffers Sunday Humiliation After Fox Interview Disaster


Donald Trump’s talking head and campaign adviser Steve Cortes appeared with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Within minutes, he was in trouble. Let us just say that it did not go well for Cortes.

Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes appeared with the host of Fox News Sunday this weekend. It appeared that the Trump stand-in intended to push against POTUS’ words taped by The Washington Post investigative reporter Bob Woodward. He started taping the president beginning in early January for his upcoming book Rage.

Cortes agreed it appeared that Trump had been off his game in the fog of war against the COVID-19 virus. He said that the president had allegedly downplayed the pandemic, and the campaign had little chance of downplaying the president’s words. Taking back what Trump said about how difficult the coronavirus pandemic would be in the fall and winter would get

Wallace suggested that the campaign should go straight:

‘Why not level with the American people, Steve?’

Cortes responded:

‘This was the fog of war, biological war.’

Cortes did not have an opportunity to start off on his verbal fogging before Wallace started:

‘I’m going to interrupt you right there. It wasn’t the fog of war. On January 28, the president got his presidential daily brief, the top intelligence in the Oval Office. And at that point, his national security adviser, Robert O’Brien said that this is the biggest challenge you’re going to face in your entire presidency.’

The Fox News host continued:

‘So, there was no fog of war there. The word that he was getting from his top intelligence and national security people was that this was a deadly pandemic. There was no fog here.’

Wallace added:

‘No, no, there was tremendous fog!’

Watch the video clip below from Fox News.

Featured image is a screenshot via YoutTube.

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