Biden Humiliates Trump Over ‘ABC Town Hall’ Failure With New Video Release


President Donald Trump participated in a town hall with ABC on Tuesday night, and it didn’t go well for him. Voters asked the questions, and many were hard-hitting. In response, Trump repeatedly resorted to outright lies — CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale referred to Trump’s remarks as a “fire hose of lying.” At one point, Trump claimed that he has a health care plan “all ready” to go, but, quite simply, there is no evidence that this claim is correct. In a new ad, the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden points out that Trump has had four years to produce a “health care plan,” and he has successfully enacted no “plan.”

In the caption for the new video ad, Biden pointed out that “[the] fact of the matter is Donald Trump doesn’t have a health care plan. I do — and you can read it here:” Check out the ad below!

Notably, Trump didn’t just lie about his own plans — or in reality, lack thereof — he also lied about Democrats. He claimed that Democrats would not protect people with pre-existing conditions if they were to win the White House. In reality, Biden himself, alongside a contingent of Congressional Democrats and then-President Barack Obama, are the ones who are responsible for the current protections for people with pre-existing conditions that are in place thanks to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. The Trump administration itself has been fighting to overturn ObamaCare, with no replacement plan ready to go. Trump is totally misrepresenting reality.

This occasion is not the first time that Trump has totally lied about his own record. For example, he has claimed that he got China to pay billions of dollars to the United States via tariffs that he has imposed on large quantities of Chinese goods. This claim is false — it’s largely American importers who pay import taxes, not Chinese businesses. When the price of doing business with China goes up, their businesses do take a hit — but it’s American businesses whose taxes Trump has raised. He is running his re-election campaign on outright lies.