Ratings For Trump’s ‘ABC Town Hall’ Disaster Prove America Hates Him


Sleeping not-such-a-beauty Trump has been asleep in his fantasy world for years. The vast majority of the country is waiting eagerly for his Prince Charming to come and wake him. When Prince strode into the forest and found the leader of the free world asleep on the job, he cringed, held his breath, and kissed him. Unfortunately, all that happened was that Prince walked away in disgust with a big nasty cold sore. Then, Donald Trump heard the word “Ratings.”

Wide-awake, he leaped from his forest resting place not even bothering to put on his clothes. No wonder he was excited. After all, Tuesday night was his first town hall meeting with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Oh sure, he called a technique for ending the coronavirus pandemic “turd mentality” instead of  “herd immunity” (true). The former word choice seemed more appropriate given that 3,000,000 Americans would have had to die to achieve herd immunity.

Trump was up against the semifinals of America’s Got Talent and a special edition of Big Brother. Both did better than “ABC’s telecast of the Donald Trump town hall special The President and the People: A 20/20 Special Event,” according to Deadline:

‘The NBC reality talent competition held steady, delivering a 0.7 in the adults 18-49 demographic and 5.71 million viewers, while Big Brother (1.0, 3.96M) won the night in the demo.’

The president has watched between four and eight hours of television per day trying to glimpse himself on TV. He genuinely believed that was part of the job description of being president. So, he has put it down as “work” on his timesheet. Plus, he has been obsessed with his ratings, so these losing numbers surely must have stung:

‘The Trump town hall (0.6, 3.81M), a 90-minute ABC News special moderated by George Stephanopoulos, was second in both ratings metrics on the night.’

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