Judge Nullifies Voter Suppression Law In Major Blow To Trump


Donald Trump believes that being sick is a sign of weakness. He thinks that the people waiting in line to catch a glimpse of him are losers. Why? Because he can con them into accepting his reality, his sales pitch. A whistleblower who just went public.

She said that this president told the COVID-19 task force the upside to this coronavirus pandemic was that he did not have to shake hands with “those disgusting people” a North Carolina ABC affiliate reported. Those disgusting people are the ones he exposes to the virus in his packed rallies. They are his base.

Priorities USA, a pro-Biden super PAC, is committed to helping people in Michigan vote. It filed a lawsuit challenging Michigan’s state law that made it criminal to pay drivers to take people to the polls. Michigan was the only state in the nation with this law and where Uber had not offered discounted rides to the polls previously, according to CNN.

Federal District Judge Stephanie Davis granted a preliminary injunction on Thursday, blocking the state law. She wrote that removing these transportation bans polling places was appropriate. The lawsuit was filed by Priorities USA.

Davis, who was appointed by Trump, concluded that people’s rights would be violated unless she blocked the state law. She wrote:

‘Congress implemented a statutory scheme and gave citizens the right to spend money on transporting voters to the polls. The November election is nearly upon us and any particular election only occurs once.’

Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil released a statement that read:

‘This decision by the Michigan District Court is a victory for all Michigan voters and another defeat for the baseless laws that make exercising the right to vote more difficult.’

Earlier, Davis turned down a liberal group’s attempt to ease restrictions on who was authorized to handle absentee ballot applications. Michigan law continued to refuse to allow political organizations to be involved in the application process for mail-in ballots. The state only allows voters and their families to handle the paperwork.

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