Trump Officially Announces Drug Test Demand For Biden Before Debate


Donald Trump has been sleep-deprived for 50 or 60 years, give or take. It is not that he automatically wakes up after a few hours as a very few fortunate people do. No, he made a personal choice to use his sleep time as his “executive times,” which involves tweeting, calling dictators, or watch TV. Worse, he thinks people who sleep are “lazy,” and sick people are “weak.” So how does he stay awake?

If he uses any recreational drugs to help him, we may find out at the first presidential debate on September 29th, moderated by one of Fox News’ rare rational ones, Chris Wallace. Trump has projected his own beliefs and habits onto his “enemies.” In his rallies, the president has claimed without proof that his opponent aka “his enemy” the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is “on drugs,” according to The Forbes magazine.

POTUS claimed he wanted Biden to have “a big fat shot in the ass” during his Saturday night rally:

‘I got a debate coming up with this guy. You never know. They gave him a big fat shot in the ass… and for two hours, he is better than ever before. Problem is, what happens after that?’

Trump claimed:

‘We’re going to ask for a drug test. We are. I’d like to have a drug test. Both of us, I’ll take it, he’ll take it.’

Medical doctor and former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean stood by his cocaine tweet about Trump below:

The answer to the question of the day about how the president stays awake on such little sleep time just might be answered on that request for a drug test.

Trump’s biographer Gwenda Blair told The Guardian:

‘He’s in the no more than four hours a night range. He has made a big deal of saying he never sleeps and people who sleep are lazy.’

Clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor Dr. Janet Kennedy, Ph.D., said a lack of sleep will eventually catch up with a person, that there would be a “reckoning point” meaning an accident or an illness, according to The Business Insider video below:

Forbes reported that the president will drop his sleep time to just three hours a night “during particularly busy times:”

‘During particularly busy times, those four to five hours can become as little as three. He’s been maintaining this schedule for years, not just as president, but as a businessman, too. He reasons that he’s better able to compete and accomplish more than someone who sleeps double or triple that amount of time.’

At one point in the speech, Trump seemingly threatened to ban Biden from being elected President of the United States:

‘You can’t have this guy as your president. You can’t have — maybe I’ll sign an executive order, you cannot have him as your president.’

‘He is the worst candidate. The dumbest of all candidates. He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.’

A bigger question came from Wallace in July. He asked Trump whether he would leave office if he lost in November. The president responded:

‘I have to see. Look, you — I have to see. No, I’m not going to just say yes. I’m not going to say no, and I didn’t last time, either. With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???’

At Trump’s Saturday night rally, he said:

‘If I lose to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I will never speak to you again. You’ll never see me again.’

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) commented on Trump not leaving the White House:

‘This is not just idle speculation. What we have got to do in the next two months is to alert the American people about what that nightmarish scenario might look like in order to prepare them for that possibility and talk about what we do if that happens.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last May in response to a reporter’s question about Trump not leaving even if he lost:

‘We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that.’

Saturday night, the president confirmed that he intended to nominate another woman to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

‘I will be putting forth a nominee next week. It will be a woman. I think it should be a woman because I actually like women much more than men.’

Right now, Biden leads Trump by 6.2 percent with a 44.8 percent national approval rating. The next debates will be Thursday, October 15 and Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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