Cindy McCain Responds To Trump’s AM Attack On Live TV


Cindy McCain, the wife of the late John McCain, has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. After Cindy’s endorsement came out, Donald Trump promptly rushed to Twitter to complain, as if he doesn’t have actual real-world crises that he’s supposed to be dealing with, since he is the president, after all. He insisted that he “hardly” knows Cindy, and complained about her late husband, yet again, who he outrageously blamed for “So many BAD decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A.” During a Wednesday morning appearance on Good Morning America, Cindy reacted to the president’s tweet. She shook her head in apparent incredulity at the president’s belligerent pettiness and insisted that she had no comment.

Her reaction was far more dignified than the president’s original meltdown. Check out the video below:

Trump blames John McCain for “bad decisions” at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but it’s McCain himself who co-sponsored Veteran’s Choice legislation that opened up opportunities for veterans to get medical care outside of the VA hospital system if they ran into obstacles within the system. Trump signed an extension of the program into law, but he is not the one who is personally responsible for enacting Veteran’s Choice provisions. He’s just not — McCain co-sponsored it alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders, and it was signed into law by then-President Barack Obama.

Notably, Trump’s angry antagonism towards the McCains comes after he feverishly tried to deny a report in The Atlantic that claimed that he had referred to fallen American service members as “losers” and “suckers.” These comments are not that far off from the public comments that Trump has made over and over again, so the alleged behind-the-scenes disparagement of those who have given their lives on behalf of the United States is not exactly hard to believe! What’s Trump ever really done of significance for someone other than himself anyway?