Triggered Trump Freaks Out On Hunter Biden After Getting Booed At RBG Event


President Donald Trump and his political allies have no shortage of conspiracy theories about the Bidens. This week, Senate Republicans released a report outlining the findings of their investigation into baseless conspiracy theories about the Bidens… but they failed to produce any “evidence that U.S. foreign policy was impacted” by Biden family financial ties that have been under scrutiny, as POLITICO explains. While serving as vice president, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had financial entanglements with various possibly questionable sources — and that’s it. During a Thursday interview on Fox Radio, Trump claimed that the then-vice president “knew everything” about his son’s business dealings, but there’s no apparent evidence supporting this claim.

On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted:

‘Russian Billionaire wired Hunter Biden 3 1/2 Million Dollars. This on top of all of the other money he received while Joe was V.P. Crooked as can be, but Fake Mainstream Media wants it to just go away!’

No, the fact that Hunter Biden was paid money is not as “Crooked as can be.” Hunter Biden was not in public office or trying to gain public office, and there’s no indication that he may be doing so any time soon, so it’s not as though this money could have posed immediate conflict of interest problems for government policy.

Meanwhile, the evidence that Joe Biden was somehow in cahoots with his son’s business dealings is just not there. One point that Trump and his allies have repeatedly pointed to is that Joe helped pressure Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who looked into a business that his son had worked with, Burisma Holdings. In fact, pressure against that prosecutor was official United States government policy, because the official was widely seen as corrupt. Removing them meant that an investigation into Burisma might have even been more likely to be launched, if one was warranted.

On Thursday morning, Trump also complained about Joe’s lack of public events for the day. Biden, however, said that he’d be doing debate preparation on Thursday; he’ll debate Trump for the first time next week. Trump’s idea of “debate prep” might just be preparing to say whatever enters his mind at a given moment.

His above-cited tweets came shortly after he made a public appearance at the U.S. Supreme Court building, where the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was lying in repose. The crowd loudly booed Trump.

Check out Twitter’s response to Trump’s tweets below: