Virginia Department Of Health Moves On Upcoming Trump Rally


Virginia does not want you, Donald Trump. It considers you a “severe public health threat.” Of course, if POTUS stayed away from places he is not wanted, he might not go anywhere at all. Remember, only 40 percent of the country likes him, and here is why.

He only wears a mask if there is the slight, very slight possibility he might get to play bank robber. Usually, he robs banks with a naked face and an appointment. His son-in-law Jared Kushner thought it would be a fun idea to get as many people sick and dying from the coronavirus, do nothing, then blame the blue state governors. Of course, that did not work out as planned.

Now, he is explaining that if he took out all the coronavirus in blue states, his death numbers would not be so bad. He is currently sending out his armies of volunteer door-knockers. They wear masks, but even masks are not a sure-fire protection about this very nasty disease.

It attacks people’s blood vessels, they leak and get blood clots. That leads to inflammation spreading throughout the body, attacking various organs. And that is just what we understand about it. We really do not know the long-term complications. That is why any day that does not lead with the 203,091 dead and nearly 7,000,000 sick American loved ones is a good day for Donald Trump.

So, no wonder Virginia Department of Public Health District Director Dr. Natasha Dwamena sent a letter to the company leasing the hangar. She warned about the 4,0000 people who plan on packing themselves into the president’s Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport sans masks. She explained that this will be breaking Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order that bans all groups larger than 250 people.

She urged the campaign and its potential attendees to reschedule it or just limit the number of people to. 250 persons. Dr. Dwarnena wrote:

‘The rally poses a concerning public health risk.’

Trump said that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, and no one would care. Maybe, his fans did not realize that he meant to shoot them. Every time there is a rally, he fires coronavirus bullets into the crowds. Every time he makes fun of people wearing masks, he fires more COVID-19 bullets into a crowd 100-fold larger.

Every time he tells his vapid followers that the coronavirus is “a hoax” or young people cannot catch it, he intentionally hits up to 90 percent of his supporters. That is the percent of Americans left to get infected. The thing is, Donald Trump does not care if they die, as long as most of them can crawl to the voting machines and pull the levers for him.

The doctor’s top health and transportation people sent letters to the airport officials throughout the state. These letters reminded them they have “the authority to enforce” state laws.

Conservative radio talk show host and chair of the Virginia Trump campaign delegation John Fredericks just blamed the Democrats for playing politics:

‘Panic has set in amongst Virginia Democrats.’

Fredericks noted that the Trump campaign’s internal polling data shows the race in Virginia ever-tightening. That may or may not be true. The fish stinks from the head down, and this fish head lies a lot. Secretary Hillary Clinton easily won the state in 2016.

Reporters asked the man who rarely sits in the Oval Office about the danger of contracting the virus at his rallies. After all, his top Black supporter and pizza magnate Herman Cain died two weeks after he attended Trump’s Oklahoma rally. Trump replied that he was safe, all the people behind him wear masks.

Apparently, the crowd will just have. to fend for themselves.

Twitter world went nuts over the insanity. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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