Federal Judge Rules To Save America From Blatant Trump Corruption Attempt


Now, why would Donald Trump want a shortened Census? After all, the only thing he cares about is winning the 2020 election, money, and himself. That means a truncated Census would be to his benefit, but how to catch him?

Trump tried to shorten the period of collecting information about all households, not just American citizens. Not all people, especially those of color, would be counted when the government issued resources to their communities.

The president wanted the court to end things by September 30. The actual completion date was and continues to be October 31. He wanted the delivery date to move up to December 31 instead of the original April 2021 date.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Judge Lucy Koh put a stop to the would-be king shattering yet another important American institution. The census stretches back into early pioneer days.

Judge Koh put a stop to POTUS’ heinous attempt. The Census Bureau officials argued that halting the headcount before its full time would “seriously endanger its accuracy.”

Head of Census Field Operations Timothy Olson Jr. said it was “ludicrous” to believe the  falsely limited population count would work, and “a shortened census would have:”

‘[F]atal data flaws that are unacceptable for a constitutionally mandated national activity.’

Judge Koh wrote there was a “high risk of a “flawed population count,” according to The New York Times:

‘a mound of internal Commerce Department and Census Bureau documents showed that both agencies knew the earlier deadlines could not be met without a high risk of creating a flawed population count. They also knew that  the pandemic gave them ample legal justification for missing the December deadline for delivering data to the president.’

Incoming President of the Americana Statistical Association Rob Santos said:

‘Today’s decision is a victory for data quality. t’s vitally important to give the hard-working census employees the time to ensure as fair and accurate a census as possible.’

Trump’s only witness was Associate Director for Decennial Census Programs Albert Fontenot Jr. In his deposition, he said that “the pandemic, western wildfires, and major storms in the South posed: “

‘Even this week, the government’s sole witness in the lawsuit posted significant risks to complete all states by September 30.’

Executive Running Daily Census Operations Olson wrote in an email:

‘Any thinking person who would believe we can deliver apportionment by 12/31 has either a mental deficiency or a political motivation.’

The president was attempting to make certain that he and not his Democratic contender Joe Biden would control the population numbers. That way Trump could shift the makeup of the House of Representatives.

Trump’s actions were already seen as illegal by a federal court. The Justice Department said it planned to appeal the judge’s decision.

Twitter world went crazy over Trump’s illegal attempt. Here are some of our favorites below:

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