Record Breaking Cash Donation To Defeat Trump In Swing State Announced


The state of Florida will likely be a key addition to the column of whichever presidential candidate wins the election this November. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has now unveiled plans for $40 million worth of anti-Trump television ads across Florida; following his own unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bloomberg has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden and pledged to spend a total of $100 million in the state in support of the Biden campaign. According to POLITICO, Bloomberg’s new Florida TV ads “will focus on the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Biden’s economic development plan.”

Bloomberg said:

‘This fall, the path to the presidency goes through Florida — and with mail-in ballots going out this week, voters will soon start deciding who gets its 29 electoral votes. That’s why we’re doing everything in our power to tell the story of Donald Trump’s failed presidency and why we need Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.’

It’s true — nearly 5 million mail-in ballots are getting sent out across the state of Florida this week, as mail-in voting gets underway in the state (and elsewhere in the country). Trump has tried to discredit “mail-in” and/or “universal mail-in” voting, claiming that it’s full of fraud — although it’s worth noting that he has actually singled out Florida as supposedly doing mail-in voting the right way, since voters have to request that a mail-in ballot get sent to them rather than the ballots getting sent out automatically. Still — any voter in the state can request a mail-in ballot for any reason. Trump’s fraud claims are baseless.

Bloomberg’s Florida ads will air in all ten of Florida’s media markets, with a particular focus on the Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Fort Myers media markets. The strength of the respective campaigns varies across those areas. Overall, FiveThirtyEight says as of Friday afternoon that Biden is, on average, up by a meager 1.6 percent in the state, which is, of course, generally well within margins of error of polls. As of Friday, the site estimates that Florida is the state which is second most likely to deliver the decisive margin to whichever candidate wins the upcoming election.