Trump Responds To NY Times Tax Leak Like A Lunatic On Drugs


On Sunday, someone thought it was a good idea to put Trump in front of a microphone, where he rambled on about his political opponent, Joe Biden, being a Communist, vague criminal charges that should put Biden and President Obama in prison for something, and how fraudulent the elections will be unless he wins.

At the same time that he was holding that press conference, The New York Times released Trump’s long-held secret in the form of a tax return. Another routine crazy press conference suddenly turned very serious, with Trump dodging and flustered about the questions he was being asked.

Trump repeated one of his more ridiculous claims, and there have been many, that Biden must be taking some kind of performance-enhancing drugs to be able to do so well in interviews and at his recent town hall appearance. He demanded that Biden take a drug test either immediately prior to or immediately following their upcoming September 29 debate.

Finally, questions about his taxes began. Trump insisted he had no prior knowledge that The Times planned to release those taxes, but that anything they had written was “fake news.” Every time a reporter tried to press him on the details of the newly-released story, Trump went off on other tangents, such as how the IRS picks on him just like they once picked on the Tea Party (the story was long ago debunked and by a Republican-led committee in Congress).

A female reporter attempted to ask him, if the story in The Times is fake, how much he really pays in income taxes. The article claimed that the president only paid around $750 in 2017, but if that isn’t true, Trump had a chance to clear the record. Instead, Trump admonished the reporter for asking, saying she should be more “respectful.”

For the full press conference, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube