Eric Trump Suffers Pathetic Tuesday Meltdown Over NY Times Tax Leak


Eric Trump thinks that his father, President Donald Trump, is great… really, really great. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this Tuesday, Eric went on a white-hot tirade against The New York Times over their recent bombshell article revealing details of the president’s tax returns. These documents reveal, among other points, that in both 2016 and 2017, Donald paid just $750 in personal income taxes, and he also once received a tax refund of $72.9 million, which is under audit by the IRS. On Tuesday, Eric ranted that the reporters behind the New York Times revelations are “disgusting.”

One of his complaints was that the length of the article means that the reporters spent awhile writing it. To be clear: it’s entirely unclear exactly how long that the reporters spent formulating their piece. The Trumps could have entirely avoided this election-adjacent bombshell via simply revealing their tax returns on their own, in line with presidential precedent.

Eric ranted:

‘Does anybody really believe that Susanne Craig wrote that article on Friday afternoon? No, they’ve been writing that article for three months, and they wanted to drop it the morning before the debate. These are disgusting people. Second of all — why is no one talking about, you know, the IRS? The IRS — somebody at the IRS leaked the document; I really believe that this is the IRS scandal of this generation. We saw it happen in the Obama years.. when the IRS was targeting conservative groups. Now, they’re targeting my father because he is doing a great job, and they don’t like him.’

It is entirely unclear what source that the Times actually used for their reporting, and there is no evidence of some kind of IRS plot against the Trumps. Donald is the one who decided to claim a tax refund of tens of millions of dollars! Did he think that they’d just dish out the money without a second thought?

Eric continued getting even more laughably unhinged and referred to his father as “the American Dream.” He commented:

‘The fact that they try and discredit what this man has built before politics is incredible. I mean — any person in the world would envy to be in Donald Trump’s shoes. He truly is the American Dream. Not only was he a great business guy, but then he went on to win the presidency, and they want to take this guy down three weeks before the election? Guys, they’re disgusting but somebody better look into the IRS.’

Check out Eric’s meltdown in the video below — it’s intense: