Kayleigh McEnany Embarrassed After Trying To Spin Trump’s Debate Disaster


There’s an old saying that goes “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” In Trump’s world, the saying goes, “if you can’t beat ’em, just tell everyone you did.” That’s exactly what White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did in an interview on Fox Business, and it was as laughable at best.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked McEnany if Donald Trump thought after the debate ended that he had come out on top. McEnany insisted that he did, saying that he was in “good spirits” and that he held Biden’s feet to the fire while the media never does. That, she said, is bringing “the fight” that America wants to see. Of course, what Americans who watched the debate said they wanted to see was clear answers on the issues they care about, but Trump gave them none of that.

Varney brought up Trump’s childish, yelling over everyone style.

‘However, his style, the frequent interruptions, the frequent interruptions and the talking over everybody, that was a lot from President Trump. And I think that’s what the audience didn’t like and will turn off.”’

McEnany insisted that was what Americans wanted, ignoring the very real issues of COVID-19, unemployment, a tanking economy, and racial injustice that Americans say they’re concerned about. Instead, Trump screamed debunked conspiracy theories at both Joe Biden and moderator Chris Matthews, bit out insults about Biden’s intelligence, and spewed ridiculous lies. Varney brought up another subject, but then came back to the debate performances.

‘What’s your response to this? Biden won simply because he got through the whole 90 minutes, no gaffe, no senior moments, no lack of focus and reasonable amount of energy all the way through. Therefore, he survived, he won.’

McEnany bristled, saying that Biden doesn’t even want to debate Trump anymore because he knows he lost. Actually, Biden didn’t bring up the subject of cancelling the next debates; the media has. They’ve done so because it’s clear that debating Trump is pointless.

‘That’s a really subjective interpretation. I would consider it a pretty big gaffe when asked about antifa, an organization that has killed Americans and targeted police officers, and there’s no condemnation of that group. I consider that a pretty big gaffe along with many others.’

Biden did, of course, denounce violence but repeated the words of Trump’s own FBI Director Chris Wray, who said that antifa is an ideology, it’s anti-fascism, but not any kind of organization.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube