Melania Appears To Snub Trump’s Hand Hold Moments After Debate


The relationship between President Donald Trump and his third wife, Melania, has always been somewhat of a mystery to the American public. There is rarely any warmth displayed between the two and they seem miles apart in ideology when they speak. Rare glimpses caught on camera, however, have shown a coldness and tension between the two, and another of those moments came following the first presidential debate.

At the end of Tuesday night’s debate, the First Lady walked onto the stage to join her husband and stood rather awkwardly at his side. There was no exchange between the two, no words, no smiles. Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, walked onto the stage and warmly embraced her husband. The two exchanged a few words and smiles before standing side-by-side with clasped hands and warm smiles.

The president appeared to glance over at the Bidens’ embrace before grasping his wife’s hand and sharply tugging, twice. Viewers who noticed the moment saw it as Trump realizing how cold he and his wife looked on the stage compared to Vice President and Dr. Biden. At no point, even when prompted by the tugging of her hand, did Melania turn to hug her husband or offer words of support. She continued to stand facing the crowd.

This isn’t the first moment that Americans have noticed between the two that make their relationship seem less than even friendly, much less warm. The infamous video clip of Melania smiling at her husband before scowling once he turned away, as well as that slapping away of his hand on an airplane tarmac has caught the notice of those watching, as well.