Trump’s Doctor Delivers Unnerving Update From Outside Of Walter Reed


On Saturday, President Donald Trump’s White House physician Dr. Sean Conley held a brief press conference outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, where Trump had been transported the previous day after positive Coronavirus test results. If Conley’s update on the president’s condition, which was his third update overall, had been meant to tamper down concerns about the president, it did not work. His comments raised some serious questions — he said, for instance, that the president was already 72 hours into his Coronavirus diagnosis, but the public had only been informed of it about 36 hours prior to his remarks. After the press conference, a White House official said “Conley meant to say it’s Day 3, not 72 hours” — critical facts should not be this difficult to ascertain. (UPDATE: Conley went on the record to confirm the explanation that he had meant to say “Day 3” rather than “72 hours.”)

Conley wouldn’t even give a straight answer to the question of whether or not Trump has ever been on supplemental oxygen. This question is basic, and it could be an important signpost of the president’s condition — but on Saturday, all that Conley would say is that “right now,” Trump was not on supplemental oxygen. Why was Conley acting like he had something to hide about the president’s condition? He flatly refused to answer whether Trump had ever been on supplemental oxygen. Did Conley have something to hide?

Check out some of his oxygen comments below:

At one point, in light of the fact that he said it had been “72 hours” since the president’s Coronavirus diagnosis, Conley was directly asked when the president received his positive diagnosis — and his answer seemed dubious. He said that “Thursday afternoon following the news of a close contact is when we repeated testing, and given kind of clinical indications had a little bit more concern, and that’s when, late that night, we got the PCR confirmation that he was.” So — he had symptoms prior to the Thursday night confirmation? If it there were pre-existing symptoms — then why did Trump continue interacting with people in person in contexts as recent as a Wednesday fundraiser in New Jersey?

Check out some more of Conley’s comments below:

Conley’s evasive comments sparked a lot of concern. And on top of that, White House reporters were told the following on Saturday from a “source familiar with the President’s health”: “The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.” It would be really great if, during a time of national concern, the White House had some kind of systematic credibility!