Kayleigh McEnany Embarrasses Herself During Live Tuesday Interview


A recent event at the White House that was held to officially roll out the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court has been deemed by some to be a “super-spreader event” after a dozen people who were present — including the president — tested positive for the Coronavirus. During an appearance on Fox News this Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany — who was also present and who has also tested positive for the disease — attempted to tamp down concerns, insisting that there’s “no way to put a pinpoint” on the origin of the illnesses among those who were present.

The White House has consistently downplayed the threat of the Coronavirus. On Tuesday, Trump compared the virus to the flu — and Facebook removed his post for violating their rules against Coronavirus misinformation. Meanwhile, after Fox host Stuart Varney asked McEnany for her reaction to those who have expressed concern about the Barrett White House event, she said:

‘There’s no way to say exactly where this originated. Certainly, several of the people who tested positive were at that event but many of these individuals interact with me on a daily basis, certainly when it comes to White House staff. So there’s no way to put a pinpoint on it, but it’s safe to say that as soon as there were positive cases, the contact tracing began and we moved forward. The White House has been plagued by this disease just like so many Americans. But the president is overcoming this and Americans, too, will overcome this point in our history.’

The White House has had a lot of airy promises throughout the duration of the pandemic. However, they’ve frequently failed to provide the systematic support that has been needed. Places across the country have, at times, suffered from shortages of tests and personal protective equipment, and there’s also been little ongoing systematic federal support for so-called lockdown measures that are meant to stem the spread of the virus and keep people from dying. Trump has claimed that these “lockdown” measures are meant to artificially inflate the crisis and make him look bad. That claim is a lie.

Meanwhile, on Fox this week, Varney also asked McEnany if the spread of the Coronavirus among top officials had “disrupted the functioning of government,” and she insisted that it had not. Subsequently, the two of them discussed the progression of the president’s own case, and McEnany claimed that she’s “never seen so much disdain, animosity, or rage” over the president’s reported successful recovery from the disease. These claims are based in fiction. There is no systematic “rage” that Trump has reportedly recovered. The concern is over the administration’s brazen disregard for public health protocols and their subsequent refusal to provide comprehensive information about the president’s condition.

McEnany subsequently insisted that the president’s recovery is “an acknowledgement of what this administration has done” because of the increased availability of effective treatments for the disease, but to credit Trump personally for these developments is… a bit of a stretch, to put it lightly.

Watch her Fox comments below: