Latest Trump Vs Biden Poll Results Confirm Widespread Blue Wave


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden continues to maintain a formidable position in the polls. In a new CNN poll, Biden leads Donald Trump on the national level by a whopping 16 percent, with a full 57 percent of the support compared to a mere 41 percent for Trump. That high of a national margin is not unheard of in U.S. presidential politics; in 1984, when Ronald Reagan won 49 out of 50 states, he led in the national popular vote by a little over 18 percent. This time, there’s other recent polling data that has Biden with a huge national lead. A recent NBC News/ Wall Street Journal survey showed Biden ahead nationally by 14 percent.

In the CNN survey, Biden leads, unsurprisingly, among all age groups — including voters who are 65 and older, who Trump has done quite well with in the past. This time, 60 percent of CNN respondents who were 65 or older said they supported Biden, while just 39 percent said that they supported Trump. The president has repeatedly mishandled and sought to downplay the Coronavirus — even following his own recent hospital stay after testing positive for it! — and the illness tends to markedly affect older communities. When he tries to downplay the virus, he leaves America’s seniors behind.

In the CNN survey, breaking down the results across demographic groups including white men and white women both with and without a college degree, the only group who supports Trump over Biden is white men without a college degree. Among that group, 66 percent said that they supported Trump, and just 33 percent said that they supported Biden. The Democratic nominee led, however, among white men with a college degree and among white women both with and without a college degree. Among white women who have graduated college, Biden got a staggering 73 percent of the support. Trump got just 27 percent.

Although the specific numbers in the CNN survey may be a bit of an outlier, the trend is clear — many Americans are sick of Donald Trump. In the Tuesday morning edition of the national-level presidential polling average at FiveThirtyEight, Biden led by 8.8 percent, with an average of 51.3 percent of the support, compared to Trump’s 42.5 percent of the support. If Biden is able to maintain that high of a lead in the final election results, there’s close to apparently zero chance that he won’t also win the electoral college and the presidency.