Harris Sends Pence Running To His Mommy During VP Debate Victory


Although Mike Pence has recently been exposed to a person infection with COVID-19, actually 24 at last count, including the president and first lady, Kamala Harris took him on behind a plexiglass screen and made mincemeat of him, exactly as expected.

Harris made points about the Trump/Pence administration’s response to COVID-19 that are supported by the facts, with alarming numbers behind them. More than 210,000 American lives have been lost. The United States averages about 1,000 deaths per day from the coronavirus, with numbers rising again in recent days. Pence tried to counter those points by talking about Trump’s respect for the American people, but Sen. Harris (D-CA) reminded him that Trump was caught hiding the truth from them, truth that could have kept them safe.

‘You respect the American people when you tell them the truth. You respect the American people when you have the courage to be a leader speaking of those things that you may not want people to hear, but they need to hear so they can protect themselves.’

Just as Donald Trump did repeatedly during his debate with Joe Biden, Pence attempted to interrupt his opponent over and over, but got shut down quickly by the career prosecutor who regularly grills those testifying in front of Congress, many of whom are in the Trump/Pence administration. One of the lines to surely come out and be remembered from the VP debate will be Harris’s “I’m speaking.”

Pence also tried to interject with lies about Joe Biden’s plans to raise taxes on low-income families, when he was shut down again by Sen. Harris. Pence bragged about the $2000 tax cut the average family of four gets under Trump (the total is actually around $1600, which averages a savings of $134 a month). He insisted that Biden’s plan to repeal Trump’s tax cuts means raising taxes for families while ignoring the $69,000 per month they saved wealthy families making over a million per year, and Harris shut him down by reminding him that a new plan would redistribute those savings to those who actually need it.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube