Ret. General & Former CIA Director Ditch Trump To Endorse Biden


Retired Gen. Michael Hayden — whose career includes a stint as director of the CIA, a post which he was appointed to by President George W. Bush — has issued a new video endorsement message for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Hayden’s message came out via the group Republican Voters Against Trump, which has also released messages by folks including former Trump administration officials Miles Taylor and Olivia Troye, who served in the Department of Homeland Security and on the White House’s Coronavirus response task force, respectively. In his newly released message, Hayden says, in part, “If there is another term for President Trump, I don’t know what happens to America.”

Hayden says:

‘If there is another term for President Trump, I don’t know what happens to America. Truth is really important, but especially in intelligence. President Trump doesn’t care about facts. President Trump doesn’t care about the truth. He doesn’t listen to his experts. The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but the president doesn’t want to talk about that. He doesn’t keep the country safe. It’s unbelievable.’

In the video, Hayden also says that he thinks that if Trump gets another term in office, then he expects that “many alliances will be gone, and America will be alone,” which would pose a “real, real problem” for the country.

Hayden adds:

‘I absolutely disagree with some of Biden’s policies, but that’s not important. What’s important is the United States, and I’m supporting Joe Biden. Biden is a good man. Donald Trump is not.’

Watch Hayden’s new message below:

Hayden’s message earned praise from folks including retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who only recently left the military after facing a campaign of retaliation for speaking out against the president during the Ukraine scandal and impeachment proceedings. Vindman said that it’s “critically important to hear this message,” adding:

‘There is a chorus of leaders pleading to save our democracy. These are not people prone to hyperbole. They know, all to well, what four more years of Donald Trump would do to America.’

Another conservative group that has come out against Trump is called The Lincoln Project. Recently, the group revealed plans for a $1 million ad campaign against Trump in Texas. Although the state traditionally leans towards Republicans, multiple national-level polls have come out this week showing double-digit leads for Biden. One CNN survey had Biden up by a full 16 percent. With that kind of support, even Texas could be in play.