Ret. General & Republican Ditches GOP Over Trump


Members of the military, most especially top military officials, are usually reluctant to weigh in on political issues. But when a military general who has actively fought against the nefarious goals of another country to the United States sees the president spouting the same rhetoric as that foreign adversary, it’s hard not be alarmed.

That’s what retired Gen. Chuck Boyd of the United States Air Force says happened to him. At first, he says, Trump’s rhetoric and style of leadership made him uncomfortable, and that ease only grew over time. In particular, his rhetoric against the legitimacy of the U.S. election process has him more than a little concerned.

During an interview with NPR, Boyd said:

‘As I watched him over the years, my unease with his presidency has increased. It increased to the point that I believe that our democracy will be in shatters by the time he has served two terms. While I am reticent about getting involved in presidential politics by any military men, in this case, keeping out of the political process is something I don’t feel like I can do.’

What sparked Gen. Boyd’s decision to warn the American people about their president was Trump’s repeated insistence that mail-in voting, a part of the election system since the Civil War, is rife with fraud. After working to thwart the Kremlin’s attempts to undermine American democracy, Gen. Boyd says Trump’s rhetoric is far too familiar for comfort.

‘I think the point at which he began telling the American people that the election process itself was fraudulent, that mail-in balloting was a disaster, was terrible. I thought if our citizens lose faith in how they go about electing their leaders, then democracy itself is at risk, at deep risk. That’s the point at which I said I’ve got to get involved in this in some way.

‘What really worries me — and this is one of the objectives of the Russians for a long time — is to cause people to lose faith in democratic processes. A lot of other countries, fragile democracies, look to the United States as an example of democracy in action. And when they see our democratic processes not functioning, then I think other nations lose faith in their own process.’

Gen. Boyd also said that, while he had already decided to speak out against the president far before the story by The Atlantic was published saying that Trump referred to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers,” he also believes that the reporting in that story is true and disgusting.

‘I found it sickening — and I believe it by the way. To know that the commander in chief holds those who serve in disdain, that’s a knife right straight into the heart of any military man. … To call those people suckers is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine. That’s one of the reasons I’ve made the commitment to support and endorse Joe Biden for president.’