Trump Coughs, Hacks, & Slurs During His Most Unhinged Interview Yet


With just 25 days left before the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden to go, the incumbent president called into Sean Hannity’s Fox News show and coughed his way through an interview, clearly still affected by COVID-19, and spewed desperate levels of craziness about his intention to hold rallies while still infected, lock up his political opponent for spying on him, and his opponent’s intentions to turn the country into a “ninth world country,” whatever that means.

When asked if he had been tested since being released from the hospital, Trump deflected by saying that he’s “in great shape,” that he took a medicine called Regeneron that “his” medical people had developed to address the vaccine…and didn’t answer the question until he was pressed three times. Finally, he said that doctors had detected “a little” of the virus, but that he’s fine.

Just as no one can trust anything else Trump said during the interview, Regeneron has been in development for years. There are mentions of its use in clinical trials for infectious diseases in medical journals from 2013, during Obama’s presidency. Trump had no hand in developing it.

At one point, Trump had so “little” of the virus that he began coughing in earnest, his voice quickly giving out as he struggled to get it back and speak. For a moment, the mic feeding his voice through the phone for Hannity’s show went silent as he tried to recover. He then said he fully intends to hold a rally this Saturday night, just nine days after he says he first tested positive for the virus. The CDC recommends quarantining for at least 14 days after testing positive.

After being asked about VP Mike Pence’s non-answer about committing to a peaceful transition of power should Trump lose the election during his Wednesday night debate with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Biden’s running mate, Trump said it was the best answer he gave all night. Trump believes that there should be no transition of power because his political opponent, Biden, his 2016 political opponent, Hillary Clinton, and his predecessor, President Obama, committed grave crimes against him and should be in prison.

Then, with no understanding of the irony of his statement, he said Biden would turn the country into “worse than a third world country,” even a NINTH world country.