Early Voting Totals From ‘Swing States’ Show Hope For America


Donald Trump is doing his best stupid president tricks again. He wanted to pull a stunt of leaving the hospital after his coronavirus attack frail and weak  then getting out of the helicopter, ripping open his shirt, and exposing a Superman shirt. He is his own worst enemy. Look at this.

The problem Trump’s message absentee voting was very effective among Republicans, Democrats not so much.

Alex Conant, a veteran adviser to Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida said Trump’s comments about absentee voting by mail had quashed Republican turnout:

‘In Florida, Republicans have a really good early-vote program. The president takes advantage of it. So why the president would tell Republicans in Florida not to vote early, when historically that’s how we run elections in Florida, is very concerning.’

In Wisconsin, a key swing state, 146,000 people had voted by mail in the 2016 election at this time. Now, 647,000 absentee votes have come in to count. The big Democratic wins have also shown up in “Pittsburgh PA, Chapel Hill NC, and Tampa FL, and the long lines of cars waiting at a Houston” to drop off their ballots, according to The New York Times

Tom Bonier, the chief executive of TargetSmart, a Democratic data firm, said that his models indicated Democrats held a 10-point lead with the first 275,000 first-time voters and showed an 18-point lead from “sporadic voters:”

‘Democrats are highly engaged, and they’re turning out. Republicans can’t say the same.’

Matt Batzel, the Cedar Grove, Wisconsin-based executive director of American Majority, a conservative grass-roots training business noted:

‘The left is very focused on getting their people to request absentee ballots and return them. Democrats are in the lead as of the ballots that are returned, no doubt.’

Republican strategist Matt Gorman commented:

‘One of the advantages of having absentee ballots or voting by mail is it gives you a little bit of a snapshot as they are returned, and finding out who is returning them and where you are in your field operation. If Republicans aren’t getting accurate reads on that, they’re not getting accurate reads on where they need to adjust more.’

James Edming, a Republican assemblyman from northern Wisconsin who was the one there to endorse Trump in 2016:

‘People that I’m talking to are going to go to the polls. If you put ’em in the mail, God only knows. But if I turn it in to the clerk at the Town of True, I know it’s going to count.’

Sachin Chheda, a Democratic consultant in Milwaukee said:

‘I see lots of pictures on Facebook of people taking selfies as they drop their ballots into the boxes. And I’m not seeing that a little bit, I’m seeing a ton of that.’

Xristobal Ramirez, Chequamegon Democratic Party in key Michigan counties chair, said:

‘There’s a lot of trust in our mail system up here and a lot of dependence on the mail system. The mail generally doesn’t fail us out here.’

Twitter world went crazy when they saw this. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

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