Eric Trump Suffers Full Blown Meltdown During ‘ABC Sunday’ Debacle


Apparently, an unwillingness to face even the slightest amount of pressure runs in the Trump family. Eric Trump — President Donald Trump’s son, who helps run the family business while his father is in the White House — appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning, and he absolutely melted down when confronted with ongoing revelations from The New York Times about Trump family finances. In particular, host Jonathan Karl asked Eric about a recent Times report that reveals the privileges that have been granted to patrons of the Trump family’s business. In response, Eric freaked out — he claimed that his father gets “punched in the head every single day,” which, although an apparent metaphor, still sounds just totally unhinged.

In short, Eric tried to characterize his father as the innocent victim of some kind of political persecution. That’s just nonsense. The president’s willfully ignorant persecution complex does not reflect basic reality, and Trumpism subsequently seems like a personality cult.

Asked for a response to the Times report, Eric frantically ranted:

‘My response is that we’ve lost a fortune. My father has lost a fortune running for president. He doesn’t care — he doesn’t care. He wanted to do what was right. The last thing, I can tell you, [that] Donald Trump needs in the world is this job. He wakes up in the morning, and he has to fight you, and he has to fight the entire media, and he has to fight the Democrats, and he gets punched in the head every single day, and he wakes up, and he fights for this country, and he fights against the lunacy of the Radical Left. And he created the greatest economy. He created the most jobs, and he rebuilt the military, and we’re no longer getting ripped off by Mexico and China.’

That rant flatly did not answer Karl’s original question about the special treatment that some patrons of the Trump Organization have gotten. After the host pressed that point again, Eric offered up a half-hearted answer to the actual question. He insisted that “we’re a hospitality company” and have “tens of millions” of people who stay at his family’s properties each year. (Really?) He also claimed that “the media is gone” in this country. Faced with the slightest amount of pressure, Eric rushed to proclaiming the supposed end of the whole system. He sounds like an egomaniac.

Watch his meltdown below:

During his time on ABC, Eric also addressed his father’s recent bout with the Coronavirus. He said that the president took a “vaccine” for the illness, but he did not, and he blew past his error when questioned about it.