Lara Trump Embarrass Her Family During ‘Fox Sunday’ PR Disaster


A slew of top political leaders who were at a recent White House event for the rollout of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court have since tested positive for the Coronavirus, but the president’s daughter-in-law and top campaign official Lara Trump doesn’t sound concerned. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday over the weekend, host Chris Wallace asked Lara about the outbreak among top officials following what Dr. Anthony Fauci has termed a “super-spreader event” at the White House — and Lara promptly launched into a lie-riddled rant about recent protests across the country.

Besides downplaying the lack of attention to Coronavirus safety protocols at the White House, Lara also claimed that there’s been essentially no scrutiny on the possibility of Coronavirus transmission at recent anti-police brutality protests across the U.S. This claim is just not true, period.

Just last weekend, for example, CNN anchor Brian Stelter directly replied to a post from the Twitter account for Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee that had claimed that CNN is “not worried” about the risk of Coronavirus transmission during protests.

Stelter commented:

Excuse me? Is this a taxpayer funded Twitter account? Are you unaware of the times when I commented, on CNN, about the risk of Covid-19 during the protests?’

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Wallace posed the following question to Lara Trump:

‘While people were not socially distanced, many, but not all, were wearing masks [at a Saturday White House event]. Having said that, that’s a lot better than two weeks ago at the event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, where people were packed in, almost no masks and Dr. Fauci has said that that event was a super-spreader. Why did it take the president getting COVID for the White House to take the CDC safety guidelines more seriously, although even yesterday they were still violating some?’

Lara responded, in part, by insisting that White House event attendees had been tested prior to entrance — but testing is not a guarantee of no virus presence. The virus could, for example, be incubating.

She commented:

‘Well at that Amy Coney Barrett event — look, I think most of those people, if not all of those people, were tested for Coronavirus before sitting down for that event. And, you never hear Chris, on the other side of the coin, the fact that we have had in this country — since really the height of the COVID days — these demonstrations across America, riots in the streets — peaceful protests, some of them; many of them, not peaceful — all across America, but you never hear any concern after these things about those being super-spreader events. I have yet to hear one doctor say anything about them, I have yet to hear one media outlet say anything about those.’

Again — that’s just nonsense. Simple web searches would be able to reveal the numerous times that media outlets have covered the risk of Coronavirus transmission at protests.

Watch some of Lara’s comments below:

The president and his political allies continue to turn towards this incessant finger-pointing in the wake of the Trump administration’s own glaring failures to systematically contain the Coronavirus in the United States.