Trump Snaps Like A Madman During Surprise ‘Fox News Sunday’ Meltdown


On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump continued his rush to get back in the spotlight with a live interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News. During the interview, he tried to repeatedly reiterate the idea that he’s doing well following his recent bout with the Coronavirus, which included a stay in the hospital. He repeated the claim that he’s now “immune” from the virus for some period of time, although many details of post-Coronavirus infection immunity from re-infection are unknown at this point. Trump’s ranting got worse — at one point, Trump delivered a strange word salad rant about the “protective glow” of the word “immunity” itself.

Trump said:

‘I passed the highest test, the highest standards, and I’m in great shape. And I have to tell you, I feel fantastically. I really feel good, and I even feel good by the fact that the word ‘immunity’ means something. Having really a protective glow means something. I think it’s very important to have that — to have that is a very important thing.’

What is he even talking about, exactly? Watch some of his unhinged rambling below:

It’s worth noting — despite his consistent claims that he’s doing great, the White House has been rather opaque when it comes to key details of his condition. For example, they have spent days refusing to say when the last occasion is on which the president tested negative for the virus.

Trump is continuing to struggle on basic facts related to the Coronavirus. Discussing the experimental antibody treatment that he got after his Coronavirus infection, he called the treatment a “cure” for the virus, which it’s not. He concurrently yet again suggested that those who recover from the Coronavirus are definitively “immune,” despite the many unanswered questions on this front. He also suggested that “people have to realize” the chance of recovering from the virus without experimental antibody treatment — but the well over 200,000 Americans who’ve lost their lives amidst the pandemic don’t “have to realize” anything. Trump’s attempts to downplay the virus have never and will never reflect reality.

Discussing that antibody treatment, Trump said:

‘I know people call it a therapeutic, but to me, it’s a cure. To me, it’s a cure. I think it’s much more than a therapeutic, and I want to get it immediately into the hospitals, and I wanna — it’s a transfusion, it takes one hour, and it transfuses into the body, and I’ll tell you what, what a difference it is… I think I would’ve been fine [without it], and people have to realize that. Once you do recover, you’re immune. So now you have a president who doesn’t have to hide in a basement, like his opponent. You have a president who is immune, which I think is a very important thing, frankly.’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is not and has never been “hiding in the basement,” period. Rather, his team has taken the basic public health precautions necessary to keep in-person Biden events from turning into potential “super-spreader” events. There’s a big difference, and Trump, in his willful ignorance, refuses to recognize the difference.

Trump’s final commentary of the interview featured him ranting that former leaders at the FBI are “absolute scum,” which sounds disturbingly unhinged. Watch some of his comments below: