Trump Makes Emergency Supreme Court Plea To Halt Tax Return Release


During the 2018 midterm election, Donald Trump’s taxes were a big deal. Now, a raging pandemic with an insatiable appetite is terrorizing people as they cling to corners in their homes, hoping for some small protection. Tens of millions of jobs are simply gone as the pandemic forces people of this great country to think of life much differently.

Nearly all big businesses changed in the 1970s from patriarchic to soulless predators. It took a while for people to understand they were the shark bate. At that point, profit became the only goal. Big biz squeezed families until they went from being a family with one employee and one homemaker to making very necessary dual incomes. People were evolving, and that homemaker could have been the male. Single parents were not as fortunate.

Women were handed the lie that it was not the quantity of time they spent with their children but the quality of time, say 30 minutes a day. After decades, a couple may now have up to six jobs between them to make ends meet.

Business marketed the country into a throw-away society. Gone were the beautiful wood carvings and their builders who took pride in their work. We even had throw-away cars.

The billionaire class squeezed Americans until the middle class is virtually gone. Last year Trump paid $750 in taxes, the year before $750, and before that $0. Suddenly, his taxes have become a very important voting issue. Americans are angry at the disparity and this blatant unfairness.

Trump came into the White House with his golf courses and hotels dripping with losses. How he obtained the money to finance them is still an unknown. His son Erik said that the Trumps did not need to U.S. money, because the Russians gave them all they needed. Golf courses and hotels have never been big profit makers. They have been excellent ways to launder dirty money.

If Trump does not win his bid for reelection, he will have to face a New York state attorney general and a Manhattan, New York attorney general investigating his financial dealings, including tax evasion.

The investigation includes: hush money paid to women for sex, any tax crimes, and bank and insurance fraud, according to CNBC:

‘Trump’s lawyers filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court asking the court to issue a stay, or suspension, of a grand jury subpoena demanding those tax returns and other financial records from his accountants.’

Trump is worried, because the New York District Attorney (DA) Letitia Jones is after him, so this is what he did:

‘President Donald Trump just asked the Supreme Court to block lower court decisions that would give the Manhattan District Attorney’s office access to years of his income tax returns.’

POTUS does not want his accounting firm to release its financial records about his taxes. That is why he has been fighting the DA’s subpoena:

‘Trump’s request is pending the filing of his planned request that the high court hear his appeal of the lower court rulings that allowed that subpoena to the Mazars USA accounting firm.’


Yahoo News reported that Trump even cheated on his 2016 presidential campaign fund:

‘Trump engineered a $21 million windfall shortly before contributing 10 million to his “self-funded” 2016 presidential campaign.’

Twitter world was angry with the president for ripping the American voter off. Take a look at what they had to say below:

Screen-Shot-2020-10-13-at-1.54.12-PM Trump Makes Emergency Supreme Court Plea To Halt Tax Return Release Corruption Crime Featured Politics Top Stories Screen-Shot-2020-10-13-at-1.53.56-PM Trump Makes Emergency Supreme Court Plea To Halt Tax Return Release Corruption Crime Featured Politics Top Stories

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