Trump Melts Down Into Delirious Conspiracy Rant At Thursday Rally


On Thursday, amidst his desperate attempt to secure some kind of stability for his re-election campaign, President Donald Trump held a rally in Greenville, North Carolina. The event quickly went rather haywire — Trump delivered a meandering conspiracy and lie-riddled barrage of rhetoric, little of which seems to have been solidly connected to reality. Seeming to go rather far off script at times, he jumped from nonsense to nonsense, seemingly counting on his fans to follow along closely enough to make the angry word salad mean something to them.

At one point, he went on a truly outlandish tirade against Democrats, who he claimed “slander our nation as evil,” “indoctrinate our children,” and “incite anti-American riots in our streets.” Every one of these claims seem too nonsensically hyperbolic to even be able to appropriately fact-check.

He ranted:

‘The Democrats smear decent Americans as racist, slander our nation as evil, indoctrinate our children, and incite anti-American riots in our streets that we could control in 25 minutes, as we did in Minneapolis, as we do wherever we go, but the have to invite us in. By law, they have to invite us in… Anywhile, they call themselves peaceful protesters. You know, in theory, we’re not supposed to be — and look at all the masks. You know, they keep saying: nobody wears masks. Wear the masks.’

Trump subsequently claimed that the CDC said that “85 percent of the people wearing the mask catch [Coronavirus].” This claim is, quite simply, false. The CDC did not make this revelation. (An article about the lie will likely eventually appear at this link.)

Trump continued by belittling Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health, who he claimed said that the Coronavirus is “not a threat” and “not a problem” after it first emerged. While it’s unclear what exactly Trump is even trying to refer to here, what is very clear is that Donald Trump himself has spent an inordinate amount of time throughout the pandemic trying to downplay the threat of the virus. He has suggested that the virus might just go away on its own, which is and always has been a ridiculous claim. He is accusing Fauci of the waffling nonsense that he himself is guilty of.

Trump continued:

‘The Democrat Party is ashamed of America. The Republican Party is proud of America, and that’s a big difference. A big difference. I’m being set up tonight. I’m doing this town hall with Concast, C-O-N — right? Con. Because it’s a conjob. Concast. C-O-N. Not C-O-M. C-O-N cast. So I’m doing it, and it’s NBC — the worst. Home of Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd, and some others.’

What a petty excuse for a president. Watch his comments below:

This week, The New York Times dropped a report outlining how 8 million people have fallen into poverty since May, according to estimates from Columbia University. Although that rise in poverty followed a temporary reduction in poverty amidst the federal assistance of the early days of the pandemic, it surpasses that temporary reduction and leaves an approximate net rise of 4 million in the number of Americans in poverty since the start of the pandemic. Amidst this crisis, the president is whining about NBC anchor Chuck Todd.