NY Daily News Humiliates Trump & Giuliani With Historic Cover Image


When the 9/11 terror attacks took place, Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York City. Now, Giuliani is the subject of a new mocking cover from the New York Daily News, which is spotlighting the Trump-allied former mayor’s involvement in an apparently Russia-backed disinformation plot. On a new cover from the New York Daily News, Giuliani is depicted with puppet strings attached to his suit, and the strings are being controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the real world, Giuliani has been pushing Russia-backed lies about the Bidens, and apparently, President Donald Trump was personally warned that Giuliani had been “worked by Russian assets in Ukraine.”

Check out the new Daily News cover below:

Specifically, Giuliani — alongside the president and some top Trump allies — has alleged that the Biden family reaped personal benefits from Joe Biden’s time as vice president. He claims that Joe pressured Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor in order to protect his own son Hunter from legal scrutiny, and the Trumpian conspiracy also suggests that Hunter got big payments as de facto kickbacks for his political connections — his father was the vice president, after all. In reality, there is no evidence that Joe Biden was in any meaningful way involved with any of his son’s business dealings, and neither is there any evidence that, more specifically, Joe tried to leverage his position as protection for Hunter. The prosecutor that Joe targeted was also the target of ire from many other Western leaders.

This week, the New York Post dropped a story that attempted to rewrite the facts and was based, in large part, on supposed evidence from Giuliani, who claimed to have come into possession of material from Hunter Biden’s own laptop. There’s no evidence for the legitimacy of the material, which includes the claim that Hunter set up a meeting between his then-vice president father and an adviser at a corrupt Ukrainian energy company called Burisma. There is zero apparent record of this alleged meeting ever taking place — and the FBI is reportedly investigating possible foreign misinformation connections behind Rudy’s supposedly bombshell New York Post revelations. Reportedly, following a Russia-backed hack of Burisma, U.S. intelligence analysts already feared that forged material (alongside actual material) might be released in October.