Trump Blows It With Seniors During Friday Rally PR Disaster


On Friday, President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Florida that was supposed to be about his administration’s supposed efforts to support seniors — but the president quickly veered into truly bizarre territory. At one point, Trump claimed that he is “saving the suburbs,” which is just completely nonsensical. Democrats are not trying to “abolish” the suburbs, as Trump has claimed in the past. All that Dems have done is promoted efforts to have communities look at possibilities for securing desegregation, and these efforts have sent Trump on these deranged meltdowns.

Trump ranted:

‘Suburban women want security. They want safety, they want law and order, they want their homes to be protected. The socialist ideology — ideology that they will use and and indoctrinate our youth with, it’s like poisonous anti-American propaganda… Take a look at Venezuela. And people don’t realize it was a wealthy country — 18, 17 years ago, was so wealthy. And it’s gone from being wealthy – they don’t have medicine, they don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t have anything and it’s, you know, it can happen here – just a much larger version with that ideology and that’s the ideology that [Democrats are] looking at.’

This rant is total nonsense. No, Democrats are not trying to impose some kind of Venezuela-style dictatorship in the United States. Trump is nonsensically characterizing his opponents as some kind of anti-American conspirators, but his ramblings, quite simply, do not reflect reality. He claimed, for instance, that Democrats support “totally open borders,” which is a lie. On another occasion this week, Trump claimed that a Biden administration would “dismantle your police departments,” which — according to any reasonable understanding of the phrase — is another bold-faced lie.

Discussing past scrutiny of his remarks, Trump insisted that CNN “is a little bit on the evil side.” This volatile, self-obsessed cultishness is what the president is promoting. On Friday, Trump added:

‘We all have big hearts and we want to take care of people, but when you say we’re going to give you free health care, we’re gonna give you college education… [Democrats] care more about illegal aliens than they do about senior citizens. The left is coming after me because I’m defending you and that’s true — that’s why they come after me every day, but we caught em on the Russia hoax. We finally caught em after two and a half years.’

The president’s campaigning has devolved into a mish-mash of the “greatest hits” of his nonsense. At one point while in Florida on Friday, he even insisted that he agrees that Hillary Clinton should be locked up, which is dictatorial gobbledygook.

Watch his unhinged comments below: