Obama Rallies Voters To Stop Trump And Restore America


President Barack Obama came to Philadelphia, PA, and people immediately remembered what so endeared them to this president. It was a community event that quickly reached across the nation. It started with systemic racism but immediately reached all people. The event asked the question, how do we get young people to vote?

The president said that we have to talk to them in a way that they can relate to what we are saying. When he was elected, he said he had 60 percent of the African vote:

‘We never tried 80 percent, 90 percent. In the midterms only 30 percent voted, and just 15 percent were young people.’

Obama reminded people that when the government tells you your vote does not count, that is how democracies wither and die. And it’s not just about the president and the vice president. He said to listen to kids:

‘What are they concerned about? I was on the Chicago Southside as an organizer. I was 25. The man who hired me told me to spend the first month talking and listening to what people care about. Let them tell me what they should care about.’

The following are excerpts from Obama’s event:

‘There is a trick perpetrated on people that government is separate from you. No. It is us. It works based on who sits at the table. If you don’t vote, there’s no seat at the table. Kids are part of the solution. Show them how they are impacted by state legislation, the federal government. How budgets work.’

‘Look, give this a shot. The country was better at end of my terms. Voting works. It’s not perfect. There are a whole lot of problems. Make it better. Nothing wrong with better.’

‘There’s hope and change, sadness and destruction. The audacity of hope is not blind optimism. We do not ignore problems, but believe in the face of the difficult, we can get a better world. Look squarely at the problem then with effort, with community we will make things better.’

‘I’ve been mad and frustrated, but I never lost hope over the past four years. Progress doesn’t move in a straight line. Victories slip away, we renew our energy, then there’s back-stepping. Hope isn’t overly optimistic, it is about change. Change is real. Pushback is real.’

‘But the young people demonstrating reminded me that they internalized that optimism. Here we are to make another push. There’s disappointment, we fall short, but we come back. From the benefit of age, I realize in any endeavor there are setbacks and times fallen short. It is a test of our strength as a people that we are able to push through. Never give up on believing we are resilient and strong enough push through.’

‘But we cannot afford another four years. That would set us so far back. it would be really hard to dig yourself out of that hole.’

‘The pandemic would be rough for anybody, but the degree incompetence and misinformation. The number that might not have died if we had just done the basics, the degree of disproportionally low-income people. Proof? Fixed? Canada has 39% fewer deaths.’

‘Knowing Joe and Kamala and the people advising them, I know they will be a great deal more effective. It will not all be solved tomorrow. I know we can do better. But we have to vote.’

‘With education, it is never too early to explain “government is you.” Give kids examples of government at work. Like when you can only afford one pizza and have to decide what kind. A 7- or an 8-year-old can understand if you give actual experiences. Let them vote, participate when they are young…Give kids a sense they have a vote. It peaks their interest instead of “do what I told you” or “Shut up.”‘

‘It is terrible when they take art and music out of the curriculum. Those are opportunities to participate. Kids realize “I can make music. I can make art.” Let them make decisions, get results, see the consequences. Show them they can do it…Give them opportunities to rise to the challenge.’

‘History was for only a few. But people fought for the right to vote.’

Then, President was on his way to the rally for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Then, he was on his way to the rally for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The Mueller Report Adventures: In Bite-Sizes on this Facebook page. These quick, two-minute reads interpret the report in normal English for busy people. Mueller Bite-Sizes uncovers what is essentially a compelling spy mystery. Interestingly enough, Mueller Bite-Sizes can be read in any order.