Biden Shines While Trump Flops During Final Presidential Debate


On Thursday night, the third and final debate of the presidential campaign season took place with NBC’s Kristen Welker as moderator. Although fireworks were expected after Trump’s bully performance at the first debate, the interruptions were kept to a bare minimum thanks to new rules set in place by the Debate Commission to mute microphones when candidates run over their time and refuse to wrap up. Biden held his own and had few stumbles. Instead of an angry Trump for the Vice President to contend with, the president rather calmly stood and lied in every answer he gave to the moderator’s questions.

The moderator began by asking both candidates what their plan would be to address COVID-19 in the coming months while upticks are happening across the country and medical scientists predict the worst spike yet over the winter months while people are more likely to be in enclosed spaces with others. Biden said he would work with scientists to create a plan with real, tangible benchmarks for communities to follow in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Trump, on the other hand, spoke mostly about how great his response has been despite the more than 220,000 deaths that have resulted from it. When he did finally give an answer as to how he would handle it going forward, he said that a vaccine would be available in “a few weeks.” There is no evidence that this is true, and medical scientists say that it will likely be June 2021 before a vaccine can be made widely available.

Trump’s one bully point against Joe Biden involved his son, Hunter Biden, and Trump’s false claims that there is evidence proving that the former vice-president made money from his son’s work in those countries and that he carried out corrupt actions in Ukraine on behalf of his son. Biden reminded Trump that no investigation had ever ended with charges against he or his son regarding Hunter’s work in Ukraine, that the only one on the stage impeached for corrupt acts in Ukraine is Trump and the only one with a foreign bank account is also the president.

More than on any other topic, however, Biden was able to hit Trump hard on his healthcare policies, mostly because Trump doesn’t have one. The president repeatedly asked Biden why he didn’t fix every issue he wants to work on now while in office, but did not acknowledge his own failures to get a healthcare bill passed to replace the Affordable Care Act. Biden explained his policy clearly, which includes a public option, lower premiums, and lower drug prices. Trump once again made promises of a “beautiful” healthcare plan that he’s promised would be revealed “in a couple of weeks” several months ago.

For full video of the final presidential debate of 2020, see below:

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