Federal Court Thwarts Desperate Trump Attempt To Stop Mail Voting


The primary function of any government is to protect the rights of the people, including the right of every citizen to vote. Despite this, the Trump campaign and the Republican Party have a number of lawsuits across the country that attempt to suppress the vote, knowing that high voter turnout generally leads to Democratic victory.

One such lawsuit was filed in New Jersey by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., who cited a range of measures taken to ensure that everyone has safe access to the ballots during the coronavirus as sure to lead to election fraud. The United States District Court of New Jersey disagreed, finding their claims baseless and their alleged potential harms no more than “speculative.”

According to POLITICO:

‘The lawsuit, filed in August by the Trump campaign as well as the Republican State Committee and Republican National Committee, was basically moot anyway…

‘“Plaintiffs have alleged nothing more than the possibility of future injury to their members,” U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shipp wrote in his ruling.’

Despite the campaign’s attempts to paint themselves as victims of these laws meant to protect the rights of citizens to vote, the judge did not waiver in his decision that they had no legal leg to stand on. In an actual court in the United States, a judge with a real law degree had to explain to a defendant that conspiracy theories don’t count in court, being forced to explain in his written decision that:

‘Plaintiffs provide no reason to suspect election officials would intentionally violate [state and federal] law and disclose election results before the polls close.’

The measures were ordered by Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who signed an executive order mandating that the vast majority of votes in New Jersey in 2020 be cast by mail. The Trump campaign sued on the grounds that Murphy bypassed the state legislature with that executive order, so the matter was put before them and the legislature upheld the decision. The Trump team then went back to court with a new argument about several small details of the order, such as methods of canvassing. More than a million people in New Jersey have already cast their ballot.

‘Since the election is well under way in New Jersey, Shipp’s decision is more of a symbolic blow to the Trump campaign and Republicans, who have argued that universal mail-in elections create the opportunity for voter fraud. While there was a case of alleged voter fraud in Paterson’s May municipal election, there is little evidence it is a widespread problem.’