‘Borat’ Infiltrates W.H. Grounds By Duping Dopey OAN Reporter


According to a new clip shared as part of the promotion for the new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm — which is a satire by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen — the far-right media outlet known as the One America News Network was duped into bringing an actress playing Borat’s daughter into the White House. In the clip, Sacha Baron Cohen — in character as Borat — claims that One America News (OAN) brought his “daughter” into the White House without any security checks or tests for the Coronavirus. The clip includes footage of the actress (Maria Bakalova) in the White House with OAN’s Chanel Rion.

Specifically, in the newly available footage, Bakalova and Rion can be seen in the White House press briefing room, although the room doesn’t seem to be in use at the time. The set-up looks as if Rion is giving Bakalova — who was in character as Borat’s daughter and who Rion did not then know as an actress– a tour of the White House grounds. Bakalova (while in character as Borat’s daughter) seems to be posing as a journalist at the time. The claim that her apparent White House tour took place without prior security checks or a Coronavirus test is definitely rather troubling.

In the clip, Cohen — in character as his satirical character Borat — offers the following voiceover commentary:

‘OAN is most rigorous news source in America. I know this because they take my daughter into the White House. No need for security checks or COVID test. They boring.’

Check out the footage of Borat’s daughter aka Bakalova and Rion on the White House grounds below:

The interactions highlighted in the clip — which also seems to feature a moment when Bakalova (in character as Borat’s daughter) interacts with Donald Trump Jr. himself — aren’t the only occasion when someone prominent makes an appearance in footage connected to Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. At another point during the new movie, Cohen — who is dressed up to conceal his identity, since his Borat character is rather recognizable — rushed into a crowd listening to Vice President Mike Pence deliver a speech and began heckling. At yet another point, Bakalova (who was in character) duped top Trump ally Rudy Giuliani into participating in a faked interview with her and then heading into a hotel bedroom.