Trump’s Friday Speech Turns KKK Rally After White Power Symbol Shown


Donald Trump continued his super spreader event tour in The Villages, Florida today, a town where less than one percent of the population is under 18 and a full 79.7 percent of the population is over 65. Of course, it’s also 98.2 percent white, so it’s one of the few counties in Florida where pretty much everyone looks like Trump.

Trump fear-mongered around his opponent, insisting that Joe Biden wants a socialist country where everyone is forced to wear a mask and live in their basements without air conditioning. Then he told the crowd that Biden only says that the coronavirus is on an upswing because he wants to scare everyone, completely forgetting that he just tried to scare them all with threats about what will happen to them if Biden wins.

For the record, 40 states in the U.S. are seeing an upswing in cases and hospitals are once again filling up with patients needing intensive treatment for COVID. And the majority of Trump’s elderly crowd weren’t wearing masks at all.

Trump also promised the crowd of seniors that he would always “love, protect, and defend” them while inviting them to rallies to catch deadly diseases. He didn’t mention that his administration is a breath away from taking away the Affordable Care Act that protects the families of these seniors who have preexisting conditions, that he’s actively working to prevent people from voting, or that there are members of his party who think Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional and Trump just nominated a Supreme Court justice who doesn’t disagree with them.

For the full rally speech, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube