Trump Attacks Obama & Claims To Win Nobel Prize During Sunday Rally Debacle


New Hampshire doesn’t exactly seem like a likely victory for Republicans in the presidential election, although Donald Trump did come rather close in 2016. This time around, the most recent survey data from the state has Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden up by double-digits. Nevertheless, Trump visited the state for a rally on Sunday, and his event — which seemed to yet again rather brazenly ignore mid-pandemic public health guidelines like social distancing — quickly turned into a spectacle of self-aggrandizement for the president. In one particularly appalling moment, after Trump talked about his bout with the Coronavirus, the crowd began chanting “Super Trump!” while the president smiled.

To be clear: the Coronavirus crisis is a very serious problem that is straining the health care system and economy across the country, with cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rising yet again in a third major surge. Nevertheless, the Trump White House isn’t taking the crisis with the seriousness that it demands. On Sunday morning, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows flatly said that “we’re not going to control this pandemic,” as if the Trump administration has given up.

At his Sunday rally in New Hampshire, Trump said the following:

‘I didn’t feel good, and wonderful doctors — Sean, White House doctors, terrific: they’re all really talented people, but I had twelve of ’em, literally twelve. Johns Hopkins — I had doctors from the best schools and best hospitals in the world, ’cause you’re president, right? And I said, I’m not feeling too good, fellas. What are we gonna do here? And the following morning, I took something called Regeneron — the following morning, I felt so good. I felt like Superman. I wanted to get back. I didn’t want to cancel anything.’

That’s when the chants of “Super Trump!” started. The chant was pretty loud, so the president no doubt heard what exactly his fans were chanting. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it — quite the opposite, in fact. He smiled at the crowd while they chanted. While Americans struggle through another surge of the Coronavirus, this self-aggrandizing nonsense is what the president is engaging with.

Watch some footage below:

At other points during the rally, Trump had plenty of other nonsense to offer up. For instance, he complained about a recent campaign speech from former President Barack Obama — who Trump made sure to refer to as “Barack Hussein Obama,” as if he was specifically trying to drum up vitriolic animosity towards the former president on account of his middle name sounding foreign to the current president and his supporters.

Check out some footage below:

During the same rally, Trump also at one point said that he had won at least a couple of Nobel Prizes, but he hasn’t actually won a single one. He did subsequently correct himself and note that he means that he had been repeatedly nominated for the prize, but the website of the Nobel Peace Prize itself notes that a nomination is, quite simply, “not an endorsement or extended honour to imply affiliation with the Nobel Peace Prize.” There is a sizable pool of individuals, including government officials and others, who can make nominations. Nominations do not equal honors.

Among other nonsense, Trump also seemed to mistakenly refer to the military’s “hypersonic” missiles as “hydrosonic” missiles — however, the words are not interchangeable. “Hydrosonic” is a kind of toothbrush. Watch some of Trump’s unhinged comments below: