Birth Control, IVF, Abortion At Extreme Risk With Barrett In Supreme Court


The Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is so far to the right, that she falls off the end and dangles there by her religious convictions. What would life without birth control, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and abortion be like? Even to save the life of the mother? Yes. Even if the baby would have severe birth defects? Yes. Even after a rape? Yes. So what is the big push to install Coney Barrett in 45 seconds or less?

If the Republican legislators really believed in a right-to-life, they would not be endangering thousands of lives by showing their naked faces all over the country at campaign rallies. One in five children would not be at risk of hunger.

More than likely, the GOP boys, ahem old men actually, want control. Their coward-in-chief is afraid of strong women. He has a whole list of women on his hit list: CBS’  60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, NBC’s city hall moderator Savannah Guthrie, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, women reporters, and VP nominee Senator Kamala Harris (D).

And let us not forget his 2016 opponent Secretary Hillary Clinton. Trump is mad at his Attorney General William Barr to the point of nearly firing him for not making up something and jailing her.

Women have become a huge threat to the Republican Party. What better way to control them than to keep them pregnant kid after kid after kid and at home. Certainly, American women should be able to practice their religious beliefs and not have someone else’s religion imposed upon them, right? Apparently not.

Before the 1960’s life was hard for women. There will always be abortions: rich politicians whisking their mistresses in a side door of a hospital and back alleys for everyone else.

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) asked Barrett what she thought about a 1965 case recognizing married couples’ right to use contraception. She said a law halting contraceptive use of any kind was “unthinkable.” Unthinkable a state would pass that sort of law. Or is it? She said, according to an NBC News report:

‘Barrett broke with tradition by refusing to affirm that Griswold was correctly decided, something conservative Justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito had no problem doing in their confirmation hearings.’

Roe v. Wade brought freedoms to women they had never enjoyed before. Maybe there are a few women who use abortion as a form of birth control, but very few indeed. Yet, the religious far-right argued as if that is what happens with legal abortions, according to another NBC News report:

‘[T]he threat to birth control — and in vitro fertilization — is increasingly plausible, particularly in an America without Roe v. Wade. President Donald Trump chose Barrett in large part because of his promise to reverse Roe. She already has demonstrated her willingness to defer to state legislatures passing all manner of abortion restrictionsTwenty-one states have signaled plans to ban all or most abortions should the court dismantle abortion rights, often without exceptions for rape or incest. States would be free to pass laws banning abortion.’

Some companies do not have to provide birth control on their insurance plans like Hobby Lobby. Pharmacists could easily become a conscientious-objector opposed to birth control. The right won “restrictions on the morning-after pill by framing it as an abortion-inducing drug.”

Many consider:

‘[B]irth control pill counts as an abortifacient because it could prevent implantation of a fertilized egg (and would ban IUDs.)’

There is little doubt Barrett will be confirmed:

‘Barrett’s confirmation, assuming she is confirmed by the Senate, certainly makes Roe’s demise much more likely. The key, it seems, is for the court’s conservatives to move more slowly — and to dismantle abortion rights (slowly).’

‘But with Barrett on the court, there is almost no doubt that the justices will gut Roe, if not reverse it outright. Anyone concerned about abortion will have to pay close attention. It may take a long time — and a fair amount of work — to figure out what has become of abortion rights. That also means it’s time to start thinking very seriously about what will happen next if we find ourselves in a post-Roe, or practically post-Roe, nation. With Coney Barrett on the court, there is no reason for them to stop now.’

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