Trump Stops On Airport Tarmac & Has Delirious Emotional Meltdown


On Monday, Donald Trump brazenly lied about the status of the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States during a conversation with reporters on an apparent airport tarmac. He insisted that “nobody’s seen anything like” what’s happening in Europe, where Coronavirus cases have been increasing recently — but yes, observers most definitely have seen Europe-like surges outside of the continent recently! They’ve seen these surges in the United States, which is facing record case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths across the country. Trump sounds totally disconnected from the actual facts of the pandemic in the U.S., and this delusional willful disconnection from basic reality is outrageously inappropriate for a president of the United States.

Nevertheless, Trump ranted to reporters:

‘We’ve done an incredible job. Take a look at what’s happening in Europe. What’s happening to Europe is — nobody’s seen anything like it. You used to tell me all about Europe. No, we’re doing a great job. We are absolutely rounding the corner — other than [that] the fake news wants to scare everybody, we are absolutely rounding the corner.’

Watch Trump’s reality-disconnected comments below:

Trump is displaying a total disconnection from the basic reality of what is currently happening in the United States under his watch. Just last Wednesday — not that long ago! — the U.S. newly reported over 1,200 new Coronavirus deaths, according to one prominent tally, which was apparently the most U.S. deaths reported on a single day in weeks. Reports have poured in from around the country of hospitals that have been struggling to keep up with the demand for their services from Coronavirus patients. Just this weekend, for instance, the Houston Chronicle reported that a federal disaster team was getting dispatched to the El Paso area to assist with handling the sudden surge of Coronavirus-related hospitalizations. Meanwhile, the president is sticking to his delusional proclamation that the U.S. is “rounding the corner.”

On Monday morning, Trump offered a particularly appalling revelation of his real feelings about those who are concerned about the pandemic — he called journalists who have been reporting on the crisis “losers.” It’s as if the current president of the United States imagines that it’s only “losers” who are still gravely concerned about the pandemic that has sent the country into a tailspin. This unhinged vitriol is what the current president of the United States sends the way of the people who he is supposed to be representing and serving.