Updated Swing State Poll Results Devastate Trump & GOP


Brand new Reuters/ Ipsos tracking poll data reveals a six-state Biden sweep. In the data that was released on Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads in six of the critical swing states that were surveyed, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. Biden’s leading margins in the individual states range from a healthy 9 to a closer 3 percent, while in four out of the six states, Biden has 50 percent of the support or above in the survey. (Only in North Carolina and Arizona does Biden sink below 50 percent.) Obviously, if Biden is able to secure 50.1 percent of the support in any given state, then no number of undecided voters could possibly swing the election to Trump.

Check out a breakdown of the data below:

Each one of the swing states where the new Reuters polling data finds a Biden lead could be a critical part of the winning coalition for whichever presidential candidate wins the election, making the new Reuters/ Ipsos poll numbers good news for Democrats. All of the six states that are covered by this particular new Reuters polling data are among the six states that FiveThirtyEight estimates are most likely to end up putting the eventual presidential election winner over the top. FiveThirtyEight estimates that Pennsylvania is the state that’s most likely to put whoever wins over the top and hand them a decisive lead in the electoral college — and as of Monday afternoon, Biden leads in the state by an average of 5.2 percent, according to the FiveThirtyEight polling average.

With mere days to go until Election Day, Biden’s leads in national-level and swing state polling have been proving pretty stable. In the FiveThirtyEight average of national polling, Biden’s lead remains above 9 percent as of Monday afternoon. Although Hillary Clinton, of course, won the national popular vote in 2016 and lost the electoral college, if Biden’s national popular vote lead is significantly higher than hers was — a scenario which seems increasingly likely — then there’s a very low chance of Trump managing to win enough individual states to win the electoral college.

In the closing segment of the 2020 presidential race, Trump largely seems to be struggling to hold his campaign together with any cohesive message other than vitriol and anger. Trump’s anger routinely seems just about never-ceasing — as Election Day approaches, he continues to regularly melt down.

For example, on Monday, he called journalists covering the Coronavirus crisis “losers,” as if he thinks that it’s only “losers” who are still gravely concerned about the pandemic. Although exact employment levels have been in flux, millions of Americans have lost their jobs at some point during the pandemic, millions have become infected with the Coronavirus, and over 225,000 Americans and counting have died — and the president of the United States thinks that those who are gravely concerned about this ongoing and deadly crisis are “losers.”

In reality, the Coronavirus is still a very real and very present crisis for millions of Americans. What’s the president doing during this crisis? He’s whining on Twitter about factual reporting that he doesn’t like.