Obama Emasculates Trump During Brilliant Biden Rally Speech


With days to go until Election Day 2020, former President Barack Obama stopped in Orlando, Florida, to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday. While there, Obama hammered President Donald Trump for his failure to take the responsibilities of the presidency with the seriousness with the job demands. The United States has been grappling with the Coronavirus crisis for months, and what’s Trump been doing? As Obama pointed out, Trump has alternated between complaining about the media coverage that the pandemic has gotten and (yet again) bringing up the size of the crowd at his own 2016 inauguration, which Trump has claimed was bigger than the crowd that turned out for Obama’s inaugurations. (It definitely was not bigger than the crowd that watched Obama’s first inauguration.)

In short, it’s clear — as Americans struggle through crises that Donald Trump himself helped exacerbate, Trump seems to prefer to whine on Twitter about television news coverage that he doesn’t like. He’s failed this country.

Obama told the Orlando crowd the following:

‘Now, I’ve sat in the Oval Office with both of the men who are running for president, and just in case you couldn’t tell, they’re very different people. I didn’t think that Donald Trump would embrace my vision or my policies but I did hope for the country’s sake he might show some interest in taking the job seriously — but he didn’t. He hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show that can give him the attention that he craves — and he does crave attention. This week, with everything that’s happening, you know what he brought up? He was fussing about the crowd size at the inauguration again — saying his was bigger. Who is thinking about that right now? Nobody except him. But the rest of us have had to live with the consequences.’

As Obama noted, those consequences include the steep human and economic tolls of the Coronavirus crisis. Some 225,000 Americans have died, millions have lost work at some point during the pandemic, and millions have been infected with the Coronavirus itself, leaving them with potentially lasting health consequences, even if they successfully avoid the most dire potential outcomes of the disease. Numerous dangerous Coronavirus side effects have been discovered among patients who have recovered — but a court case in which the Trump administration is arguing to throw out the Affordable Care Act without a comprehensive replacement plan ready to go is scheduled to come before the U.S. Supreme Court on November 10.

As Obama put it:

‘Florida, we can’t afford four more years of this. That’s why we’ve got to send Joe Biden to the White House — because we cannot afford this kind of incompetence and disinterest.’

Check out Obama’s comments below:

Trump whined about Obama’s Tuesday speech on Twitter. Trump called Obama’s speech “fake,” and he lied that Obama “could barely endorse” Biden “because he couldn’t believe he won.” That’s just unequivocally not at all true. Just like in 2016, Obama waited until after the Democratic presidential primary race was over before officially throwing his support behind a candidate, and this time around, it was days after the de facto end of the race that Obama endorsed Biden. It’s not as if Obama’s endorsement was ever seriously in doubt in any respect.