Biden Embarrasses Trump For Leaving His Supporters In The Nebraska Cold


After a Tuesday night rally in Omaha, Nebraska — the crowd size of which Donald Trump seems to have lied about, as usual — hundreds of Trump supporters were stranded for hours in the extreme cold after the Trump campaign failed to have enough buses ready to take the people back to their cars. Reportedly, at least 30 people required medical attention. There were also “8 to 9 elderly people who [were] struggling,” and there was “an elderly party who [was] frozen cold unable to move with an altered mental status,” according to reports gleaned from talk on police scanners. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hammered Trump for the dangerous chaos in a Wednesday speech.

Biden connected the Trump campaign’s failure to appropriately provide for their rally attendees to the president’s team’s failure to confront the Coronavirus crisis with the seriousness that it has demanded.

Biden commented as follows:

‘Just look what happened last night in Omaha, after the Trump rally ended, hundreds of people, including older Americans and children, were stranded in sub-zero freezing temperatures for hours. Several folks ended up in the hospital. It’s an image that captured President Trump’s whole approach in this crisis. He makes a lot of big pronouncements, but they don’t hold up. He gets his photo-op and then he gets out. He leaves everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan.’

Biden also noted that it “seems like [Trump] just doesn’t care much about it.” Indeed: when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump has openly complained about the focus that people have had on the crisis, no matter the fact that over 225,000 Americans have died and the economy has fallen into a tailspin.

Watch Biden below:

Besides the report of over two dozen people who required some form of medical attention during the post-Omaha rally chaos, there’s another report that at least seven people had to be transported to a hospital. How could such a glaringly dangerous crisis have unfolded? Could the re-election campaign for the president of the United States seriously not be bothered to look into situational logistics far enough in order to ensure that something like the hours-long stranding of hundreds of people in freezing temperatures didn’t happen?